MPL PH Season 11: Roster Changes, Schedule, Format, Venue


MPL PH Season 11 is about to begin on February 17th, and it’s time to buckle up for an exciting ride. The eight participating teams are gearing up to fight for the ultimate title, and the chance to represent the Philippines in the upcoming MSC 2023. With the new roster changes, fans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to see which teams will come out on top. This blog will give you an in-depth look at the tournament, including the teams, the format, and everything you need to know to be a part of the action. So, get ready to experience one of the biggest Mobile Legends tournaments of the year!

MPL PH Season 11 Overview

MPL PH Season 11 is the 11th season of the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines. It is a competitive tournament for top Mobile Legends teams in the Philippines hosted by Moonton.

MPL PH Season 11 Participating Teams

  • Blacklist International
  • Bren Esports
  • ECHO
  • Nexplay Evos
  • Omega Esports
  • ONIC Philippines
  • RSG Slate PH
  • TNC Pro Team

MPL PH Season 11 Format

The format of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 11 is as follows:

  • Double Round-Robin: During the regular season, all teams will play each other twice in a double round-robin format.
  • All Matches are Bo3: All matches in the regular season will be played in a best-of-three (Bo3) format. This means that each match will consist of three games, and the team that wins two out of the three games will win the match.
  • Points System: Teams will earn points based on the individual games they win in each match. Here’s how the points will be awarded: 3 points for winning 2-0, 2 points for winning 2-1, 1 point for losing 1-2, and 0 points for losing 0-2.
  • Playoffs: The top teams, based on the number of points they earn during the regular season, will advance to the playoffs. The number of teams that will advance to the playoffs is yet to be determined.

The format for the playoffs will be announced at a later date.

MPL PH Season 11 Roster Changes

Blacklist International

  • Roamer RENEJAY joined as a stand-in player.
  • Middle ESON changed his role from active to inactive.
  • BON CHAN changed his role from active to inactive.
  • Middle Hadji changed his role from active to inactive.
  • RENEJAY changed his role from stand-in to a player, Gold Lane Oheb changed his role from active to inactive, and Jungler KEVIER changed his position from active to inactive. Gold Lane Super Red and Middle Yue joined the team. Dex Star was moved from a Coach to Assistant Coach, while Master the Basics changed from Assistant Coach to Head Coach.

Bren Esports

  • Gold Lane Jowm left.
  • Coach Vrendon Lin joined.


  • Gold Lane Jian joined.

Nexplay EVOS

  • Roamer Micophobia left.
  • Roamer RENEJAY left.
  • Coach Pao left.
  • EXP Lane Jeymzx left.
  • Middle LanceCy, Jungler Kzen, Gold Lane Donut, and Jungler H2wo left.
  • Middle Elpizo left.
  • Middle GoyongDR, Jungler BoyetDR, Roamer BruskoDR, Gold Lane DomengDR, EXP Lane DingDR, Head Coach Joshy and Assistant Coach Isonn joined.
  • Dogie changed position from Roamer to Content Creator.

Omega Esports

  • Roamer Kielvj and Roamer Amethyst left.
  • E2MAX changed position from Roamer to Technical Coach, Gold Lane Z4pnu changed role from Active to Inactive, Roamer Ch4knu changed role from Active to Inactive. EXP Lane Louis and Roamer Stowm joined.
  • Assistant Coach Hjidoue left.

Onic Philippines

  • Assistant Coach Jeff and Roamer Rapidoot left.
  • Substitute BOSS A, Roamer Pancake and Assistant Coach Lyrick joined.

RSG Slate PH

  • EXP Lane Kenji left.
  • RSG entered a partnership with Slate Esports, rebranding into RSG Slate PH.
  • Jungler 1rrad, Roamer Perkz, and Gold Lane Kousei left.
  • Assistant Coach Theo and H2wo joined.
  • Gold Lane Kouzen and EXP Lane Kirk joined.
  • Wrecker changed position from Middle to Content Creator, Panda changed position from Coach to Head Coach, Middle Aqua changed position from Active to Inactive, Jungler Demonkite changed role from Active to Inactive, and Coach Giee changed from Active to Inactive.

TNC Pro Team

  • Jungler Saxa, Middle Riku, Jungler K1ngkong, Jungler Goyo, Middle Innocent, Head Coach Lift, Assistant Coach Right and Manager Dredd joined.
  • Escalera changed position from Roamer to Flex, and Scholar changes position from Coach to Assistant Coach.

MPL PH Season 11 Venue

The MPL PH Season 11 will take place in Makati at the Shooting Gallery Studios. If you want to witness live action you can buy your Week 1-3 tickets HERE.

MPL PH Season 11 Schedule

February 17, 2023

BLCK vs. ECHO4:00 PM0-0
TNC vs. NXPE6:30 PM0-0

February 18, 2023

ECHO vs. BREN3:30 PM0-0
ONIC.PH vs. OMG4:00 PM0-0
TNC vs. BLCK6:30 PM0-0

February 19, 2023

RSG PH vs. ONIC.PH4:00 PM0-0
OMG vs. BREN6:30 PM0-0

February 24, 2023

OMG vs. RSG PH4:00 PM0-0
NXPE vs. BREN6:30 PM0-0

February 25, 2023

RSG PH vs. TNC3:30 PM0-0
ONIC.PH vs. ECHO4:00 PM0-0
BLCK vs. OMG6:30 PM0-0

February 26, 2023

BREN vs. TNC4:00 PM0-0
ONIC.PH vs. NXPE6:30 PM0-0

March 3, 2023

BLCK vs. ONIC.PH4:00 PM0-0
TNC vs. ECHO6:30 PM0-0

March 4, 2023

NXPE vs. OMG3:30 PM0-0
TNC vs. ONIC.PH4:00 PM0-0
BREN vs. RSG PH6:30 PM0-0

March 5, 2023

ECHO vs. NXPE4:00 PM0-0
RSG PH vs. BLCK6:30 PM0-0

March 10, 2023

BLCK vs. BREN4:00 PM0-0
ECHO vs. OMG6:30 PM0-0

March 11, 2023

NXPE vs. RSG PH3:30 PM0-0
OMG vs. TNC4:00 PM0-0
BREN vs. ONIC.PH6:30 PM0-0

March 12, 2023

NXPE vs. BLCK4:00 PM0-0
RSG PH vs. ECHO6:30 PM0-0

March 17, 2023

ECHO vs. BLCK4:00 PM0-0
NXPE vs. TNC6:30 PM0-0

March 18, 2023

BREN vs. ECHo3:30 PM0-0
OMG vs. ONIC.PH4:00 PM0-0
BLCK vs. TNC6:30 PM0-0

March 19, 2023

ONIC.PH vs. RSG PH4:00 PM0-0
BREN vs. OMG6:30 PM0-0

March 24, 2023

RSG PH vs. OMG4:00 PM0-0
BREN vs. NXPE6:30 PM0-0

March 25, 2023

TNC vs. RSG PH3:30 PM0-0
ECHO vs. ONIC.PH4:00 PM0-0
OMG vs. BLCK6:30 PM0-0

March 26, 2023

TNC vs. BREN4:00 PM0-0
NXPE vs. ONIC.PH6:30 PM0-0

March 31, 2023

ONIC.PH vs. BLCK4:00 PM0-0
ECHO vs. TNC6:30 PM0-0

April 1, 2023

OMG vs. NXPE3:30 PM0-0
ONIC.PH vs. TNC4:00 PM0-0
RSG PH vs. BREN6:30 PM0-0

April 2, 2023

NXPE vs. ECHO4:00 PM0-0
BLCK vs. RSG PH6:30 PM0-0

April 14, 2023

BREN vs. BLCK4:00 PM0-0
OMG vs. ECHO6:30 PM0-0

April 15, 2023

RSG PH vs. NXPE3:30 PM0-0
TNC vs. OMG4:00 PM0-0
ONIC.PH vs. BREN6:30 PM0-0

April 16, 2023

BLCK vs. NXPE4:00 PM0-0
ECHO vs. RSG PH6:30 PM0-0

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