Northgard’s Expeditions are out now on Steam and GOG


Northgard, the Viking strategy game with more than 2 million copies sold from developer Shiro Games, unleashes the “Expeditions” update today. The free content drop adds an eponymous new quest format, wondrous rewards, and more than 50 craftable cosmetics earned from successful sojourns.

Explore the far reaches of Northgard and undertake Expeditions to amass treasure. Available in four varieties, these questlines follow multiple hidden steps, requiring the completion of one objective before unlocking the next. Take them on as daily missions or weekly challenges with a range of difficulty settings. There are also Discovery Expeditions that introduce Northgard’s lands and emphasize core game mechanics, as well as Master Expeditions, one-time-only quests tied to story content, the achievement unlocks, and the Conquest game mode.

Take on prolonged quests with Seasonal Expeditions. These multi-month quests include Raids, narrative-driven campaigns against fearsome clan leaders and warlords, and Ranked Expeditions for competitive Vikings interested in challenging other players. With the Expeditions Update, Northgard players receive precious metals and gleaming gemstones for completing objectives. With tiered rewards based on in-game difficulty, seasoned adventurers can increase their bounty with higher drop rates on rare materials like Garnet and Silver. 

Transform materials into 57 all-new cosmetics, including Warchief and Town Hall skins and placeable objects like totems and banquets. Combine gems and metals to create cosmetics of five rarities. Dedicated adventures can unlock all of the new cosmetics by completing every Expedition, allowing for near-unlimited customization options.

“With the “Expeditions Update, Northgard players can experience a new side of the game,” said Adrien Briatta, Head of Publishing, Shiro Games. “From narrative-driven battles against warlords to exploration-driven objectives, the Expeditions update has something for everyone — including those who’d like to change their Warchief’s looks.”

Northgard’s Expeditions are out now on Steam and GOG for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac. A Shiro Games Publisher Sale is available on Steam from Feb. 16 – 22, featuring 60 percent off the base Northgard game, 50 percent off all DLC (except the Lynx Clan which is 33 percent off), 50 percent off Darksburg, and 75 percent off the Evoland franchise.

Pre-orders for The Art of Northgard, a 178-page book illustrating the game’s award-winning visuals, also open today for $55. Limited to 1,000 copies and available with English and French translations, The Art of Northgard explores the design, creation, and evolution of the Viking strategy game throughout the years. Each copy comes with a certificate of authenticity, an A3 poster of Northgard’s iconic key art, a cardboard stand and three lithographs of the Boar, Wolf, and Stag Clans, and an exclusive in-game Townhall skin for PC versions of the game.

To pre-order The Art of Northgard, please visit Omake Book’s official website.

For more information about Northgard, please visit the official website.

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