An Open Letter To The New Ranked Season


Dear You,

Expectation hurts.

Just when I thought I could reach a Divine, or best, Immortal when I calibrate my medal this new ranked season update. I’ve had my high hopes.

But, no.

You just dragged me to the bottom, to the pit of highly skilled trash-talkers and cancers — Archon.

I don’t mean to judge. But I’ve been there already, battling with all the demons in the game in that nightmare rank.

Why did you do this to me?! Why did you do this so easily?!

You have become a tradition for my friends and me. It became our way to end the day, sharing laughs and having an all-around good time. Sure, we’ve had our own share of frustrations; it’s typically just the three of us at a party and the elements are out of our control. (Imagine counter-picks and supports that aren’t supporting.) But, at least we got something to laugh about, albeit through gritted teeth at the end of the day.

Trust me; you don’t know the meaning of hard unless you play a Ranked match game, trying to get that +25 with shitty-ass teammates.

Now, the New Year has come to you. I’ve got nothing against you at all— in fact; it has a special place in my heart. It represents new beginnings, experiences, and growth, among others. But, this particular one, you brought it with an inevitable surprise: an MMR reset.

All those sleepless nights of hard work—were gone; all of the progress made—was gone.

The calibrated result was like waking up to a break-up text.

“Hi, it’s over. Bye.”

That’s how painful it is.

Now, I have to build myself again. I know this ain’t gonna be easy, but I have to accept this torture from you and believe that everything’s gonna be fine eventually.

I’m going to prove myself to you that you made the wrong choice. I don’t know when, but you’ll see.

I just wish to lord Gaben that the people in queue know how to buy and place wards effectively, at least.

A not-so-happy peenoise,

Demoted Ancient

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