At Blooing, we welcome submissions of indie games for review. To have your game evaluated by our team, please send an email to, including access to a demo or a full version of your game.

We retain complete control over our review process, including which games we choose to review and how we present them on our website and social media channels like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Submitting your game does not guarantee it will be reviewed. We consider various factors when selecting titles, such as our editorial calendar, the game’s genre and target audience, and its potential interest to our readers.

We may accept pre-release versions of games under embargo, meaning we will not publish our review until the specified date agreed upon with the developer.

Our mission is to deliver honest and insightful reviews that help gamers discover the indie gems that suit their individual tastes. We recognize that every player has unique preferences, and our reviews strive to reflect those diverse perspectives.

Exceptional indie games may receive our coveted Blooing GameMaster’s Choice award, signifying a title that our entire team wholeheartedly recommends.

We never accept payment or other incentives in exchange for positive reviews. Our opinions are always genuine and reflect our unbiased assessment of the game.

While we don’t publish press releases or other materials directly from developers, we are open to partnering on promotional campaigns or content collaborations. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out to