Farlight 84 Character Tier List – S to D Tier


Farlight 84 is a battle royale game that features 14 unique characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Choosing the right character can greatly impact your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. In this blog, we will explore the Farlight 84 character tier list, along with an explanation of the skills of each character.

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Understanding the Farlight Character Tier List

To determine the best characters in Farlight 84, we will refer to various sources and their tier lists. These tier lists rank the characters based on their individual strengths, teamplay capabilities, and the value of their skills. It’s important to note that these rankings may vary slightly depending on the source and the date of the tier list. Without further ado, let’s dive into the tier list and explore the characters of Farlight 84!

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S Tier: The Top Contenders

S Tier Farlight 84 Characters

The S Tier consists of the most powerful and versatile characters in Farlight 84. These heroes excel in both solo and team play situations, making them highly sought after by players.


  • Skill 1: Tactical Roll: Rolls forward, reloading her weapon and purifying herself. Debuffing negative effects during the roll.
  • Ultimate: Aero Zoom: Overcharges her jetpack and grants her blinding speed for a short duration.


  • Skill 1: Springboard: Deploys a springboard that ejects the user at high speeds.
  • Ultimate: Hologram Guide: Dispelling all the negative effects from allies; while making them briefly immune to debuffs. Also increases the movement speed and damage of all allies for a short duration.


  • Skill 1: Restoration Field: Deploys a recovery device that provides healing and shield repair to teammates within range.
  • Ultimate: Medi-Ex: Deploys a small drone next to each teammate, which can rescue or heal them.

A Tier: Solid Choices

A Tier Farlight 84 Characters

The A Tier includes characters who are still highly effective in Farlight 84 but may have slightly fewer advantages compared to those in the S Tier. These heroes can still make a significant impact on the battlefield.


  • Skill 1: Portable Incendiary Bomb: Throws a portable incendiary bomb that deals continuous damage to enemies within the flames.
  • Ultimate: Absolute Gravity: Throws out a card device that forms a “Mini Black Hole”, dragging all enemies within range to the centre of the black hole while slowing down vehicles.


  • Skill 1: Barrier Deployment: Deploys a specially crafted spherical energy barrier at the point of impact.
  • Ultimate: Aqua Blast: Uses a powerful water gun to slow and deal damage to enemies.


  • Skill 1: Fatal Volley: Reveals his secret weapon to fire a bombardment of rockets in the target frontal area.
  • Ultimate: Sky Roaming: Sets a sky diving device, which can eject the user to a high altitude and enter the skydiving state again.


  • Skill 1: Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke bomb.
  • Ultimate: Vision Erosion: Releases a dense fog, reducing vision for all enemies in the area.

B Tier: Decent Choices

B Tier Farlight Characters

The B Tier consists of characters who are still viable options in Farlight 84 but may lack some of the advantages of higher-ranked heroes. These characters can still contribute to the team’s success.


  • Skill 1: Portable Scout: Uses Optic Camo to hide herself and all allies in range for a short period.
  • Ultimate: Optic Camo: Deploys a portable scout device to get info on enemy locations around the landing point.


  • Skill 1: Bunkers Away: Deploys a defensive bunker at the current location.
  • Ultimate: Freeze Defense Turret: Sets up a Turret to automatically slow and deal damage to enemies.


  • Skill 1: Springboard: Deploys a Springboard that ejects the user at high speeds.
  • Ultimate: Divulge: Activates his tactical reconnaissance eyepiece to provide all teammates with comprehensive info on enemies within the target’s range.

C Tier: Average Performers

C Tier Farlight Characters

The C Tier includes characters who are considered average performers in Farlight 84. While they may not have as many standout qualities as higher-ranked heroes, they can still be effective in the right hands.


  • Skill 1: Area Recon: Expands the recon network to obtain key location info on nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate: EMP Shock: Launches an EMP shock that hacks into enemy devices, damaging the shield of all enemies within range, and temporarily deactivates the user of jetpacks.


  • Skill 1: Frenzy Blast: Throws a portable grenade that damages all enemies around the point of impact.
  • Ultimate: Cluster Grenade: Throws a custom grenade, which splits into multiple smaller fragments after the initial explosion, causing secondary damage.

D Tier: Less Optimal Choices

D Tier Farlight Characters

The D Tier consists of characters who may not be as effective as other heroes in Farlight 84. These characters may have certain limitations or weaknesses that make them less desirable picks.


  • Skill 1: Wrecking Duckball: Inflates itself into a spherical shape, enhancing speed and defence while dealing impact damage to enemies with a knockback effect.
  • Ultimate: Travel Barrier: Deploys a defensive drone that creates a large protective barrier that moves and follows.


  • Skill 1: Smoke Bomb: Throws a Smoke Bomb.
  • Ultimate: Hoarder Drop: Deploy an Airdrop full of great stuff!
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Choosing the right character in Farlight 84 can greatly impact your gameplay experience and success. By considering the tier list and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, you can make informed decisions and find the characters that suit your playstyle. Remember, this Farlight character tier list is not set in stone and may change over time as the game evolves and new updates are released. Experiment with different characters, find your favourites, and most importantly, have fun exploring the world of Farlight 84!

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