How to Use Angela ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

Love and hope are the two greatest inventions.

Angela, the Heartstring Puppeteer, is a unique and charming support hero in Mobile Legends. A mechanical doll given life and a kind heart, she utilizes the power of puppetry to aid her allies both offensively and defensively.

Angela has a moderate difficulty curve. Her skills are relatively easy to understand, but mastering her ultimate (Heartguard), which involves attaching to an ally, requires good timing and decision-making. She excels at enhancing her chosen carry, providing damage boosts, shields, and movement speed buffs. However, she is quite squishy and very dependent on her teammates to be fully effective.

Angela ML Skills

Angela Mobile Legends skill list: Smart Heart, Love Waves, Puppet-on-a-string, Heartguard

Passive Skill: Smart Heart

Each time Angela uses a skill, she gains a stack of Smart Heart, increasing her movement speed and enhancing her next skill cast. This makes her surprisingly mobile for a support.

First Skill: Love Waves

Angela launches waves of energy in a targeted direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and restoring HP to allied heroes hit. With enough stacks of her passive, the final Love Wave will also briefly slow enemies.

Second Skill: Puppet-On-A-String

Angela launches a puppet string at a target enemy, dealing damage and gradually slowing them. If the enemy is still connected to the string after a short time, they’ll be immobilized for a duration and dealt additional damage.

Ultimate: Heartguard

Angela attaches herself to a chosen ally, granting them a shield and absorbing a portion of damage they take. While attached, she can recast the skill to dismount from the ally and gain a movement speed boost.

Angela ML Build

Best Angela item build Mobile Legends: Demon Shoes, Flask of the Oasis, Necklace of Endurance, Fleeting Time, Antique Cuirass, Athena's Shield

This Angela build focuses on cooldown reduction, mana management, and survivability. Demon Boots and Flask of the Oasis provide mana and cooldown reduction, letting her spam heals and crowd control for maximum support. Necklace of Durance offers Anti-Heal for countering enemy healers. Fleeting Time further reduces cooldowns while Antique Cuirass and Athena’s Shield offer important defenses to keep her alive longer. This build makes Angela a more consistent and durable support, able to constantly protect and empower her teammates with shields, heals, and utility throughout extended battles.

The best item build for Angela in Mobile Legends

  • Demon Boots
  • Flask of the Oasis
  • Necklace of Endurance
  • Fleeting Time
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield
Angela emblem build, Mobile Legends: Support talent with Agility, Wilderness Blessing, Focusing Mark

Custom Support Emblem

  • Agility: Increases movement speed. This is crucial for Angela as she needs to be able to reposition quickly to heal and support her allies effectively.
  • Wilderness Blessing: Reduces Angela’s respawn time, ensuring she spends more time on the battlefield contributing to team fights.
  • Focusing Mark: This talent is the core of this build, increasing the damage enemies take from Angela’s chosen teammate after she uses her ultimate (Heartguard). This boosts the offensive power of whatever carry Angela is attached to.

Angela Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

Laning Phase

  • Stick with Your Carry: Angela works best when attached to a strong carry, ideally the marksman or a powerful mage. Coordinate with them from the start, and focus on protecting and empowering them.
  • Harass and Pressure: Utilize Love Waves (first skill) to poke enemy laners and apply pressure. However, prioritize using it to heal your carry if needed.
  • Zoning with Puppet-on-a-String: Your second skill’s root is a powerful zoning tool. Aim to deter enemies from getting free hits on your carry or from farming as easily.
  • Warding for Vision: As the support, purchase roaming boots and be active in warding key areas like bushes and the nearby jungle to give your team vision and avoid ganks.

Rotations & Team Fights

  • Prioritize Your Carry: During team fights, look for opportunities to attach to your carry with Heartguard (ultimate). The shield and damage boost can often make the difference.
  • Secondary Ult Targets: If your core carry is in danger or dead, consider using your ult to protect another key damage dealer, like a mage or assassin.
  • Peeling and Disrupting: Use Love Waves to heal allies and slow enemies, and don’t hesitate to use Puppet-on-a-String’s root to peel enemy assassins off your backline.
  • Focusing Mark Communication: Remind your team about the damage boost from Focusing Mark. Coordinate with the teammate you’re attached to so they know to capitalize on the extra damage.
Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Angela


Angela is a squishy hero. Sprint allows her to quickly reposition herself away from danger or chase down low-hp enemies. If your carry decides to chase an enemy, Sprint can help you keep up and maintain your valuable buffs and shields with Heartguard (ultimate). This battle spell allows for faster rotations between lanes to help teammates during ganks or objective contests.

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