How to Use Estes ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

Bathe in the Holy Light.

Estes, the Moon Elf King, is a radiant beacon of support in Mobile Legends. He wields the power of the moon to heal allies and buff them with his celestial magic.

Estes is considered moderately difficult to master. While his skills are easy to understand, positioning and decision-making are crucial for maximizing his effectiveness. What makes Estes truly great is his unmatched healing potential, turning the tide of teamfights by keeping his allies healthy and in the fight. His popularity stems from his ability to babysit and empower carry heroes, making them unstoppable. However, his vulnerability and reliance on teammates sometimes lead to him being banned in high-rank matches, where enemies prioritize eliminating him first to shut down his healing advantage.

Estes ML Skills

Estes Mobile Legends skill list: Scripture of Moon Elf, Moonlight Immersion, Domain of Moon Goddess, Blessing of Moon Goddess

Passive Skill: Scripture of Moon Elf

Estes builds up energy through successful basic attacks and skill usage. This energy directly powers his ability to heal and amplify the attack speed of his allies.

When Estes’ energy is full, his next basic attack releases a burst of healing energy towards his most injured ally.

First Skill: Moonlight Immersion

Estes releases a wave of moonlight energy directly forward. It heals allies it passes through and damages enemies caught in its path. This is his primary healing ability.

Second Skill: Domain of Moon Goddess

Estes creates a slowing field in a designated area. Enemies inside the field have their movement speed reduced and take continuous magic damage.

Ultimate: Blessing of Moon Goddess

Estes bestows an immense regenerative blessing in a wide circle around him, continuously healing all allies within the area.

Estes emblem build, Mobile Legends: Support talent with Agility, Wilderness Blessing, Focusing Mark

This Custom Support Emblem build is a strong choice for Estes in Mobile Legends, offering a blend of survivability, utility, and enhanced support capabilities.

Custom Support Emblem

  • Agility: The increased movement speed helps Estes position himself effectively for heals or escapes. Supports need to be where the action is, and this ensures he can quickly get where he’s needed.
  • Wilderness Blessing: Reduces Estes’ respawn time, ensuring he can spend more time on the battlefield supporting his team. This is especially important as Estes can be a prime target for elimination.
  • Focusing Mark: This talent is the core of the build. It increases the damage enemies take from Estes’ linked teammates. This is HUGE, turning his healing tethers into damage amplifiers.

Item Build for Estes ML

Best Estes item build Mobile Legends: Tough Boots, Flask of the Oasis, Dominance Ice, Athena's Shield, Antique Cuirass, Enchanted Talisman

This Estes build prioritizes survivability, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration to ensure he can constantly support his team. Tough Boots and Flask of the Oasis provide early defense and reduced skill cooldowns. Dominance Ice and Athena’s Shield offer mixed defenses and further cooldown reduction, while Antique Cuirass rounds out his protection. Enchanted Talisman ensures ample mana with its regen passive and extra cooldown reduction. This build allows Estes to stay alive and consistently heal and buff his teammates, making him a true asset in extended battles.

The best item build for Estes in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Flask of the Oasis
  • Dominance Ice
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Enchanted Talisman

Estes ML Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Laning Phase

  • Stick with Your Carry: Estes shines when linked to a strong carry, ideally a marksman or mage. Focus on protecting them, healing them, and empowering them with the Focusing Mark buff.
  • Poking and Zoning: Use your Moonlight Immersion to poke enemy heroes and heal your carry simultaneously. Don’t be afraid to step forward when safe to apply pressure.
  • Warding for Vision: As the support, purchase roaming boots and be active in warding key bushes and objectives, especially early on. Vision control is critical.


  • Follow Your Jungler: Assist your jungler when invading the enemy jungle or taking objectives like Turtle. Your heals can make a big difference.
  • Don’t Overextend: Always stick close to an ally. Estes is vulnerable on his own, so avoid roaming solo unless you have vision and know it’s safe.
  • Gank Assistance: When rotating to assist in side lane ganks, try to conceal yourself in a nearby bush before initiating with your ultimate to get the most out of the surprise factor.

Teamfights and Positioning

  • Stay Behind the Frontline: Position yourself slightly behind your tanks during teamfights. Focus on keeping your allies alive with well-timed heals and ultimate usage.
  • Target Focus: Pay attention to which enemies are diving or aiming for your carries. Use Domain of Moon Goddess to slow them down and create space for your team.
  • Ult Timing is Key: Use your ultimate (Blessing of Moon Goddess) as soon as a teamfight breaks out. The longer it remains active, the more value your team gets from the heal.


Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Estes

Flicker is the best choice for Estes, given that he doesn’t have that mobility to get on a clash quickly; you can either use it to blink inside a clash to heal all your allies or blink out to escape a messed up engagement.

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