Faramis ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide

To live is to trick the reaper.

Faramis was the royal alchemist of the Necrokeep who could summon an altar that could resurrect himself and his allies with a cult altar.

Faramis is a mixture of Kaja and Vexana. He can chain and drag enemies like Kaja and resurrect a dead like Vexana.

This guide will teach you how to use Faramis MLBB, the best item build, spell, emblem, and strategy for this current patch.

How to Use Faramis Skills

Passive Skill: Vicious Retrieval

This skill shortens your resurrecting time up to 90% whenever you collect the soul of an ally who died near you. You can collect up to 18 souls.

First Skill: Shadow Stampede

This skill will turn you into a ghostly presence, increasing your physical and magic defence but you are unable to attack. Once you’re in the ghost form, any enemy you touch will get a mark called Mark of Shadows. The mark you left on your enemies will be pulled towards you and deal magic damage.

Second Skill: Ghost Bursters

Faramis releases a group of evil spirits dealing heavy magic damage to enemies caught in range. These spirits will split up into three and bounce if they hit an enemy and once on creeps.

Third Skill: Cult Altar

This skill will summon an altar at the target location. You and your ally will frequently respawn if you die within the area for 10 seconds.

Best Item Build For Faramis

Faramis Magic Build

  • Arcane Boots
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Blood Wings
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive
  • Blood Wings
Best Faramis Magic item build Mobile Legends: Magic Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Blood Wings, Holy Crystal, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings

This build focuses on maximizing burst damage potential. Arcane Boots provide essential magic penetration, while Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, and Divine Glaive significantly boost his magic power, enabling his skills to hit very hard. Stacking two Blood Wings maximizes his damage output and provides some survivability through shields. The effectiveness of this build can be situational – it shines against squishy teams but might struggle if the enemy has heavy defences or burst-focused assassins.

Faramis Support Build

  • Tough Boots
  • Flask of the Oasis
  • Dominance Ice
  • Fleeting Time
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Radiant Armor
Best Faramis Support item build Mobile Legends: Magic Shoes, Flask of the Oasis, Dominance Ice, Fleeting Time, Antique Cuirass, Radiance Armor

This tank build transforms Faramis into a durable, utility-focused frontline threat. Tough Boots help mitigate crowd control, while Flask of the Oasis sustains him in extended fights. Dominance Ice provides armour, cooldown reduction, and slows nearby enemies. Fleeting Time further reduces his ultimate cooldown, enabling more frequent team revives. Antique Cuirass and Radiant Armor bolster his physical and magic defenses respectively, with their passives making him a protective presence. While sacrificing some burst potential, this build allows Faramis to initiate confidently, disrupt enemy formations, absorb damage, and support his team – all while posing a consistent damage threat himself.

Faramis Emblem Build

Custom Support Emblem

Faramis support emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Agility, Wilderness Blessing, Impure Rage

This custom Support emblem setup provides a good balance of utility and damage for Faramis in Mobile Legends. Here’s the breakdown of why it’s a strong choice:

  • Agility: Increased movement speed is vital. It helps him roam effectively, set up initiations, position for his ultimate, and escape when needed.
  • Wilderness Blessing: Provides cooldown reduction, which is essential for Faramis. Faster skill cooldowns mean more frequent use of his abilities for crowd control, poke, and most importantly, his lifesaving ultimate.
  • Impure Rage: This talent gives additional offensive power. His damaging abilities will restore a percentage of his mana, allowing him to stay active in team fights and keep using skills without running out of mana too quickly.

Custom Mage Emblem

Faramis mage emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Agility, Bargain Hunter, Lethal Ignition

This custom Mage emblem build aims to maximize burst damage potential, especially in the early to mid-game. Here’s why it works:

  • Agility: As always, increased movement speed is essential. It enhances his map presence, allowing for better gank assistance and escapes during risky plays.
  • Bargain Hunter: This is tailored to aggressive early playstyle. Getting kills and assists grants additional gold, allowing him to build his core damage items faster and snowball ahead.
  • Lethal Ignition: Synergizes well with area-of-effect (AoE) abilities. When his skills hit multiple targets, Lethal Ignition triggers additional burning damage over time, maximizing his burst potential and clear speed.

Faramis Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Faramis is a support hero, so it’s best to go along with a fighter and marksman to maximise kill potential.

Since he is an initiator and crowd control, you should always roam and give a valuable gank.

Don’t stay in just one lane. Your focus is to give space to your marksman to farm fast and kill an enemy with your ganks.

However, hide in the brush before starting a clash and ensure your damage dealer is behind you. Always spot the enemy’s damage dealer first and drag them to your teammate to burst it out. Make sure not to include their tank!

Or you can control the crowd clash by dragging the enemy’s tank and fighter far from their marksman so your teammate can kill their damage dealer freely, without difficulty.

Best Battle Spell to Use For Faramis


Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Faramis

Flicker is the best battle spell for Faramis because it dramatically enhances his aggressive potential. It allows for surprise attacks, clutch escapes, and superior positioning during his ultimate, “Rebirth Ritual”. The added mobility also enables Faramis to roam the map effectively, ganking lanes or stealing jungle resources. Overall, Flicker synergizes perfectly with Faramis’ playstyle, making him a more unpredictable and potent force on the battlefield.


Mobile Legends Sprint icon, recommended battle spell for Faramis

Sprint can be a viable battle spell for Faramis, offering a more defensive playstyle. The added movement speed helps him chase targets, escape ganks, and maintain safe positioning in team fights. Sprint also enhances his ability to rotate between lanes, supporting his team where needed. However, it sacrifices the surprise element and outplay potential of Flicker, making him less focused on aggressive initiation. Ultimately, if you want a safer and more controlled experience, Sprint is a solid choice.

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