How to use Harith in Mobile Legends: Best Build, Emblem, Battle Spell

Magic is my life.

Harith is a Leonin mage from the Azrya Woodlands, known for his incredible time-bending abilities. A powerful but challenging hero, Harith rewards skilled players with immense mobility and burst damage. He dashes around the battlefield, blasting opponents with precision spells and shrugging off crowd control effects.

Mastering his cooldown resets and shield usage is key to unleashing his full potential. Once mastered, Harith becomes incredibly slippery and hard to pin down, darting in and out of combat and overwhelming opponents with a flurry of magical attacks.


Harith Mobile Legends skill list: Key Insight, Synchro Fission, Chrono Dash, Zaman Force

Passive: Key Insight

Gives Harith resistance to crowd control effects like stuns or slows and grants him shield energy when he hits enemies with skills.

First Skill: Synchro Fission

Harith sends out a wave of energy dealing damage. He also creates a phantom that sends out the same wave, causing additional damage where they cross.

Second Skill: Chrono Dash

Harith dashes in a chosen direction, stealing enemy magic power and gaining a shield.

Ultimate: Zaman Force

Creates a zone that reduces Harith’s skill cooldowns and resets the cooldown of his first skill when it ends.

Item Build

Best Harith item build Mobile Legends: Magic Boots, Starlium Scythe, Feather of Heaven, Holy Crystal, Concentrated Energy, Divine Glaive

This Harith build prioritizes devastating burst damage with a touch of sustain. Magic Boots early on provide essential cooldown reduction and movement speed, letting Harith spam his skills freely. Starlium Scythe gives him more cooldown reduction, a damage boost, and mana regen. Feather of Heaven enhances his basic attacks, which synergizes well with his Chrono Dash. Holy Crystal dramatically increases his spell damage. Concentrated Energy offers a crucial lifesteal to keep him in the fight, and Divine Glaive melts through the enemy’s magic defence. This build is about relentless skill use and overwhelming enemies with magic damage while having some tools to stay alive. Remember, flexibility is key; adjust this build against heavy magic defence stacks or if survivability is an issue.

The best item build for Harith in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Boots
  • Starlium Scythe
  • Feather of Heaven
  • Holy Crystal
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Divine Glaive
Harith emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Inspire, Bargain Hunter, Impure Rage

This Mage emblem setup gives Harith an aggressive edge, empowering his basic attacks while ensuring he doesn’t run out of resources.

  • Inspire: Inspire increases Harith’s attack speed and penetration. While focusing less on burst magic skills, this allows him to maximize damage during his Chrono Dash’s empowered basic attack and provides overall faster attacking.
  • Bargain Hunter: Each enemy hero kill grants Harith extra gold. This accelerates his ability to buy core items, giving him a power spike faster for greater impact on the battlefield.
  • Impure Rage: Harith’s playstyle is about constant skill use. Impure Rage grants mana recovery each time he deals damage with skills, ensuring he has the resources to keep fighting and utilize his mobility.

Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

Harith’s strength comes from mastering his skill combos and timing for maximum cooldown resets to maintain his shields. Prioritize managing his shield energy for both offensive dashes and strategic retreats. Focus on a hit-and-run playstyle, poking enemies down with your skills rather than going for extended brawls unless you have the advantage.

Gold Lane

Harith can be a surprising force in the gold lane. His skills boast high magic damage, perfect for taking down squishy enemies like marksmen and fighters. He also excels at outplaying potential with his super mobile Chrono Dash, letting him dodge attacks, chase targets, and reposition for strategic advantage. Building defensive items and exploring options like Lifesteal can address his natural squishiness and keep him in the fight longer.

The current meta might even present a slight shift towards mages in the gold lane, opening a window for Harith to shine. However, be mindful of his weaker early game. Focus on farming and avoid aggressive plays until you have core items. Since Harith relies heavily on skills, manage your mana pool carefully. Remember, this off-meta pick thrives with a strong frontline. If your team has a reliable tank or support to set up kills, Harith can be a powerful gold lane carry.


Aim for items that increase cooldown reduction to farm swiftly and capitalize on your mobility. Harith’s speed and crowd control make for potent ganks, so look for opportunities to rotate and assist side lanes. Use your mobility to your advantage by securing objectives and occasionally stealing enemy jungle buffs.

Mid Lane

Harith excels at clearing waves and pressuring his opponent with constant pokes. Use your dashes to zone enemies away from the minion wave, hindering their ability to farm. While maintaining your mid lane presence, be aware of opportunities to rotate and help secure kills across the map.

Battle Spell


Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Harith

Retribution is the go-to battle spell for jungle Harith because it dramatically boosts his efficiency and power. It helps him clear jungle camps faster, securing a level and gold advantage for early game dominance.


Mobile Legends Vengeance icon, recommended battle spell for Harith

Vengeance offers an alternative playstyle for Harith, especially in the mid lane. It boosts his survivability with temporary damage reduction and counter-damage, helping him withstand burst attacks from mages or assassins. Vengeance also enhances his damage during trades and can discourage enemy ganks by reflecting damage back to attackers.

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