How to use Silvanna ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

Only light can drive out the darkness.

Silvanna, the Imperial Knightess, is a powerful fighter/mage hybrid in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Hailing from the noble Moniyan Empire, she wields a magical lance and a relentless spirit. Silvanna possesses a moderately high skill ceiling – players need to master her skill combos and timing to maximize her potential. What makes her truly great is her versatility. She can lock down an enemy carry, initiate fights with her ultimate, and sustain herself in battle with her lifesteal capabilities.

Silvanna Skills

Silvanna Mobile Legends skill list: Knightness' Resolve, Cometic Lance, Spiral Strangling, Imperial Justice

Passive: Knightness’ Resolve

Silvanna’s basic attacks and skills apply marks of light to enemies. Each mark reduces the target’s physical and magic defense, making them more vulnerable. Silvanna also gains bonus damage against marked targets.

Cometic Lance

Silvanna thrusts her lance forward. If it hits an enemy, she unlocks the ability to dash in a chosen direction and deal damage in a small area. This skill is crucial for chasing or escaping.

Spiral Strangling

Silvanna whirls her lance, dealing multiple hits to enemies surrounding her and pulling them towards the center. This skill grants her a shield and some lifesteal.

Imperial Justice

Silvanna leaps into the air and slams down, creating a circular zone around her. Enemies within the zone cannot escape, while Silvanna gains attack speed, lifesteal, and shields. This is a powerful tool for isolating a key enemy or engaging in team fights.

Item Build

Best Silvanna item build Mobile Legends: Arcane Boots, Genius Wand, Glowing Wand, Feather of Heaven, Immortality, Blood Wings

This magic item build leans heavily into a high-risk, high-reward offensive playstyle. Arcane Boots and Genius Wand shred through enemy magic defence, while Glowing Wand and Blood Wings significantly boost her magic damage output. Feather of Heaven adds attack speed for weaving in basic attacks and reduces skill cooldowns, letting her constantly apply pressure. Immortality provides a safety net with its resurrection effect. This build turns Silvanna into a magic-damage powerhouse, able to burst down squishy enemies but requiring careful positioning and timing to avoid getting countered.

The best item build for Silvanna in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Genius Wand
  • Glowing Wand
  • Feather of Heaven
  • Immortality
  • Blood Wings
Silvanna emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Rupture, Weapons Master, Lethal Ignition

This Custom Assassin Emblem build can be a powerful, high-risk option for Silvanna. It sacrifices some of her natural tankiness and sustain in favour of significantly increased early-game damage potential that can snowball if she gets kills. If you prefer a more consistent and well-rounded experience, a Fighter or Mage emblem might be a safer choice.

Custom Assassin Emblem

  • Rupture: Increases physical penetration, which synergizes well with Silvanna’s hybrid damage output. Her skills benefit from this, and it even amps up her basic attacks.
  • Weapons Master: Provides a flat boost to physical attack. This enhances all of Silvanna’s damage sources.
  • Lethal Ignition: Triggers a powerful burning effect whenever Silvanna uses a skill. This adds a lot of extra damage to her combos, especially since her skills lower enemy defences.

Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

In the EXP lane, you need to pressure your lane opponent and secure your farm early on. Prioritize upgrading your first skill (Cometic Lance) for the mobility you’ll need to chase down enemies. Don’t be afraid to poke the enemy laner consistently with your skills, forcing them to play defensively and miss out on gold and experience. Coordinate with your jungler to secure the Lithowanderer buff and look for opportunities to gank other lanes – your ultimate makes your ganks deadly. As the game progresses, use your mobility to push side lanes and pressure turrets. In team fights, you become a powerful initiator with your ultimate. Look to isolate enemy carries and disrupt their formation, but don’t forget to protect your backline teammates with Spiral Strangling’s pull effect.

Battle Spell

Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Silvanna


Flicker is a fantastic battle spell choice for Silvanna because it amplifies her aggressive, disruptive playstyle. Her skills are great for initiating fights, and Flicker lets her close the gap unexpectedly to lock down enemies with her ultimate. This spell also allows her to reposition quickly to take out priority targets or escape ganks.

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