Karina ML Best Item Build, Emblem, Combo and Strategy Guide

How do you catch a shadow?
Karina MLBB Build

Karina is an assassin born in Azrya Woodlands, also known as Shadow Blade. She’s a deathly elf who swings upon her twin blades.

Karina is a versatile assassin who can be played in a variety of ways. She can be used as a jungler to quickly farm and gank enemies, or she can be played in the side lanes to snowball and carry her team to victory. Karina is a powerful hero who can be a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

Karina is one of the easiest assassins to use, yet a dominant hero. She can burst a single hero in just one combo, leading to a maniac to savage kills.

This guide will teach you the best Karina ML build to maximize your damage output, deadly combos, and gameplay strategy.

Who is Karina?

Karina is a Dark Elf assassin in Mobile Legends. She is known for her deadly combos and ability to deal true damage to low-health enemies. Karina is a skilled fighter who has been trained since a young age to be the best killer among her people. She is also a deeply caring sister, and she is determined to save her younger sister Selena from the darkness of the Abyss.

Karina ML Skills

There are mild changes on revamped Karina’s skills, especially her ULT skill, but this doesn’t affect her ability to dish out enemies in just a combo.

Passive Skil: Shadow Combo

After attacking a target three times repeatedly, the 3rd attack will deal extra True Damage. Non-ultimate skills’ cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second if you attack an enemy hero.

First Skill: Dance of Blades (Previously Elusiveness)

Karina keeps on twirling her twin blades for 3.5 seconds. While in this state, Karina’s next basic attack will be enhanced, blocking all incoming basic attacks from ranged or melee enemies(reflecting the damage onto the attacker) and speeding herself up.

Second Skill: Dance of Death

Karina swings her swords around her dealing surrounding enemies 115% of total magic damage. This is best for clearing creep waves and completing your combo.

Ultimate Skill: Shadow Assault

Karina dashes toward an enemy, leaving a Shadowform mark on them and dealing massive magic damage. By casting the skill again, Karina will swiftly dash to the Shadowform’s location dealing magic damage to any enemies in her path. Your SS will automatically reset after killing a target with a Shadow Mark.

Note: Always aim and lock to the enemy’s marksman and supports first.

Karina ML Combo

Basic Karina Combo: Skill 1 → Basic Attack → Skill 2

Burst Karina Combos:

  • Option 1: Skill 1 → ULT → Basic Attack → Skill 2 → ULT
  • Option 2: ULT → Skill 2 → Skill 1 → ULT
  • Option 3: ULT → Skill 1 → Skill 2 → ULT

Karina ML Emblem Build

The recommended emblem to use for Karina is the Custom Mage Emblem.

  • Rupture – Gain 5 Adaptive Penetration
  • Master Assassin – If there is only one enemy hero nearby, damage dealt to them is increased by 4%.
  • Lethal Ignition – Dealing damage greater than 7% of an enemy hero’s Max HP 3 times within 5s will scorch the target for an additional 162-750 Adaptive damage (scales with level).

Karina Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Laning Phase

Jungle. Roam.

The Laning phase for Karina sometimes is a bit complicated, especially when you’re playing solo rank/classic. It would be best to learn how to adjust, especially in jungling creeps.

The best thing you can do when you end up with an awkward lineup is to roam around the map. Help each lane to get objective and get a possible kill. With this rotation, you’ll be able to get your item and levels gradually.


Early Game

Pressuring lanes, creating space and securing kills is your primary role as an assassin in the game. At :25, kill the monster blue buff* first and clear all the remaining jungle monsters. Always push yourself to reach level 4 at the 3-minute mark to start roaming and helping other lanes.

*Blue buff will give you a buff that reduces your cooldown ability to 10% and energy cost to 20%. It also increases your magic and physical penetration to 15 points.

Mid to Late Game

Once you have your four core items, you should get kills more often in team fights.

You should remember that you DO NOT need to start the clash.

Always wait for the tank or fighter to dive in and marksman (DPS) to deal damage before dishing out enemies.

Always aim for the enemy’s support or marksman in every clash. Ignore their tank. You’re going to waste your skill’s cooldown and mana if you put them first, and worst, you’ll be the first one to get killed.

Karina ML Build

This Karina build is all about dealing massive damage while staying alive late into the game. Arcane Boots give you the magic penetration for a strong early game. Starlium Scythe amps up your burst potential with magic power, cooldown reduction, and some lifesteal to keep you fighting. Concentrated Energy helps you survive with more magic power and lifesteal. Divine Glaive and Genius Wand let you ignore enemy magic defense so you keep hitting hard. Finally, Blood Wings makes you a late-game monster with huge magic damage and survivability.

Best Karina Burst Item Build in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Starlium Scythe
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Divine Glaive
  • Genius Wand
  • Blood Wings
Karina Burst Item Build

Situational Items:

  • Athenas Shield – Opt to build this item if you have burst enemies like Harley, Cyclops or Eudora. This item will give you extra protection to absorb any burst damage inflicted.
  • Necklace of Endurance
Karina Battle Spell

Retribution (Recommended)

Retribution is the best spell to use for Karina. This spell will help you farm efficiently to get your items fast and easily.


Execute is an alternative spell that you can use for Karina if you’re not the core. It can add up to the damage of your combo to instantly kill an enemy.


If you’re planning to play an assassin role, Karina is the perfect hero. Karina is not as complicated as other assassins like Fanny and Gusion. At first, playing this hero would make you a bit greedy because of its insane amount of damage but stay calm and do not be aggressive. Patience is vital if you want to master this hero. Remember to farm fast, roam consistently, and kill confidently.

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