How to Use Miya ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

May the moon forever shine upon us!

Miya, the Moon Priestess, is a classic marksman in Mobile Legends. Hailing from the enchanted Moon Elf homeland, she wields a powerful bow, utilizing the blessing of the Moon God to strike down her enemies. Miya is a relatively easy hero to learn, making her a good choice for beginners. Her strengths lie in her consistent damage output, surprising agility, and the ability to turn invisible with her ultimate, offering exciting opportunities for both self-protection and aggression.

Miya ML Skills

Miya Mobile Legends skill list: Moon Blessing, Moon Arrow, Arrow of Eclipse, Hidden MoonlightNgoog

Passive Skill: Moon Blessing

Each time Miya hits an enemy with her basic attacks, she gains a stack of Moonlight Shadow, increasing her attack speed.

After reaching full stacks, Miya shoots two extra arrows with each Basic Attack, dealing a portion of her normal attack damage to the main target and the surrounding targets. This gives her good wave clear and poke potential.

First Skill: Moon Arrow

Miya shoots a single arrow that splits upon hitting an enemy hero. This allows her to hit multiple targets at once, increasing her damage output and wave clear.

Activating Moon Arrow grants Miya a significant attack speed boost for a short duration.pen_spark

Second Skill: Arrow of Eclipse

Miya fires a volley of arrows that immobilize the first enemy hero they hit. This is a good setup tool for her own attacks and for helping teammates get kills.pen_spark

Ultimate Skill: Hidden Moonlight

Miya briefly disappears and removes all debuffs (slows, stuns, etc.). She also gains a movement speed boost when she breaks invisibility, giving her escape or chase options.

Miya ML Build

Best Miya item build Mobile Legends: Swift Boots, Windtalker, Berserkers Fury, Haa's Claws, Malefic Roar, Wind of Nature

This Miya build prioritizes a relentless barrage of critical hits for maximum damage. Swift Boots start you off with essential attack speed, while Windtalker and Berserker’s Fury dramatically increase both your attack speed and critical strike chance. Haa’s Claws keeps you in the fight with potent lifesteal, and Malefic Roar allows you to shred even the tankiest enemies. Wind of Nature offers further attack speed and its active skill provides a vital counter to physical damage threats. This build emphasizes aggressive play, so be sure to master your positioning to stay alive and maximize your damage output.

Best Miya Item Build in Mobile Legends

  • Swift Boots
  • Windtalker
  • Berserkers Fury
  • Haa’s Claws
  • Malefic Roar
  • Wind of Nature
Miya emblem build, Mobile Legends: Marksman talent with Fatal, Weapons Master, Quantum Charge

Custom Marksman Emblem

This Custom Marksman emblem build provides a strong balance of early game advantages and late game scaling, making it a great all-around choice for Miya.

  • Fatal: Miya benefits heavily from critical hits. Increasing her critical strike chance and damage significantly boosts her damage output.
  • Weapons Master: Increased damage from items means she hits harder throughout the game as she builds core marksman items and increased damage from skills and talents means her Moon Arrow (first skill) will do a bit more poke damage early on.
  • Quantum Charge: This talent synergizes perfectly with Miya’s passive. Basic attacks are her main focus, and the movement speed boost helps with chasing or escaping. The HP restoration keeps her in the fight longer.

Miya Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

Laning Phase

  • Prioritize Farming: Focus on quickly clearing minion waves with your Moon Arrow (first skill). Last-hitting minions is essential for maximizing your gold income.
  • Watch for Ganks: Stay alert for potential ganks from the enemy jungler. Ward the nearby jungle entrances or river for vision. Don’t overextend; play safe if you don’t know where the enemy jungler is.
  • Poking and Pressure: Use Moon Arrow to harass and poke the enemy laner. Look for opportunities to push your lane and put pressure on their tower.
  • Ult for Safety: Don’t be afraid to use Hidden Moonlight (ultimate) for a quick escape if you get ganked or the enemy laner tries to all-in you. Its short cooldown lets it be a relatively reliable defensive tool.

Rotation & Farm

  • Jungle Crab: If possible, secure the lane crab near your gold lane. This provides extra gold and experience.
  • Turtle Contests: After clearing your lane, try to rotate to help your team contest and secure the first Turtle.
  • Buff Assistance: If your team is invading the enemy jungle after about 60 seconds, help secure the buff monster for your jungler. This benefits the whole team.
  • Focus on Farm, but Rotate When Needed: Your priority is to farm in your lane, as marksmen need lots of gold to buy items. However, stay ready to rotate if major objectives are being contested or your team needs help elsewhere.
Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Miya

As a gold lane Miya, Flicker is your go-to battle spell. It solves Miya’s biggest weakness – her lack of mobility. Flicker lets you close the distance for kills or blink away from danger. It even works to juke enemies or escape over terrain. This added flexibility lets you play more aggressively and make those clutch plays that win games.

Miya Mobile Legends Skin

Here’s the list of all Miya Skins in Mobile Legends:


  • Burning Bow

Christmas Limited-time Event

  • Christmas Carnival

Starlight Member

  • Captain Thorns


  • Honor


  • Modena Butterfly

Valentine Limited-time Event

  • Sweet Fantasy

Twilight Pass

  • Suzuhime

S18 First Purchase

  • Jungle Ranger

MLBB 5th Anniversary Award

  • Moon Priestess

Collector Limited-time Event

  • Doom Catalyst

Atomic Limited-time Event

  • Atomic Pop Miya

Miya Famous Voice ML Lines

Here is the list of Miya ML lines:

  • “I am the moonlight that breaks through the darkness.”
  • “As twilight falls, the new moon draws near.”
  • “Elves won’t give in, no matter how much more suffering we’ll go through.”
  • “My arrow is my answer.”
  • “The way of the hunter: moderate, respectful, and sincere.”
  • “The way of the arrow: swift, silent, and precise.”
  • “The way of the bow: flexible, reserved, and understated.”
  • “The forest might burn, the moon may be dark, but our hope outlives everything.”
  • “The forest is on my watch when the moon is shrouded in darkness.”
  • The moon impartially sheds her grace on every corner of the forest.”
  • “Could it be me that misunderstood my brother’s decree?”
  • “The moonlight spares no mercy to the foes of Azrya.”

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