Mia Fey is dead – bring her killer to justice!

Avenge your mentor!
Patrick Wiseman

A promise unfulfilled

Mia Fey may be a great lawyer, but sometimes finding the truth comes at a great cost.

Phoenix Wright had told his mentor Mia Fey that his old friend Larry Butz was part of the reason he decided to become a defence lawyer. Interesting stories are best discussed over drinks, so that’s exactly what they plan to do. Unfortunately for Phoenix, he doesn’t get the chance.

Some people will do whatever they deem necessary to keep their secrets under wraps. And it appears Mia Fey is dealing with one of them. A man enters her office, wanting to recover papers from her. After revealing he knows where these papers are held, he asks Mia for her “eternal silence”, and bludgeons her to death with “The Thinker” statue.

The aftermath of Mia Fey’s death

Maya Fey sobs as she discovers her older sister Mia Fey's body.

The man wasn’t wrong – Mia Fey really was hiding important evidence. Not only that, but she’s hidden them inside the weapon that ended her life! That morning, she asked her younger sister Maya to come by her office to pick up “The Thinker” for safekeeping.

Shortly after Mia is murdered, Phoenix comes by, as she had asked him to meet her. Smelling blood, he rushed into the office. His mentor was dead, and a strange young girl – later revealed to be Maya – was crying over her body. If it wasn’t already bad enough, the police show up and arrest Maya, having received a phone call from a woman staying at the Gatewater Hotel alerting them to the crime.

And just in case you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse – you’re wrong! Maya pleads with Phoenix to get a veteran lawyer to be her defence attorney, but Mia Fey’s mentor Marvin Grossberg refuses – and with a ruthless and undefeated prosecutor to stand against, nobody else will touch the case.

Phoenix heads back to the Detention Center to give Maya the bad news. However, he learns something that will later become important. Maya tells him that the Fey family are spirit mediums, meaning they can communicate with the dead. Her mother Misty Fey had been used as a key witness in a trial 15 years ago, but the suspect was still acquitted. To make matters worse, a man named “White” found out about Misty Fey and sold the information to the press, making the Feys a laughing stock. It was this humiliation that drove her older sister Mia Fey to become a lawyer. Left with no other choice, Phoenix agrees to defend Maya in court.

The case takes a turn

During the first day of the trial, the woman who alerted the police – April May – is called as the prosecution’s witness, but something seems off. In fact, after a back-and-forth battle, it’s revealed that May wiretapped Maya’s phone. April desperately tells the court that a bellboy can give her an alibi. However, when the bellboy is on the stand, he accidentally lets slip that May had checked in with another man! May is arrested for the wiretap, and the court is adjourned to allow for further investigation into this new potential suspect.

During the investigation, Wright heads to the Grossberg Law Offices. Here, he stumbled across two photos with the name “DL-6 Incident” on the backs of both. The photo of a grinning, purple-haired man labelled “DL-6 Incident – Exhibit B” – is confirmed by the bellboy to be the man that April May checked in with. He even signed an affidavit! Unbeknownst to Wright but known to the player, this man in the photo is the one who really killed Mia Fey.

Face to face with Mia Fey’s murderer

Phoenix Wright meets Redd White, a professional blackmailer and Mia Fey's killer.

We have a photo, but now we need a name. Unsurprisingly, April May folds like a house of cards at the Detention Center. She reveals the man to be her employer Redd White, the President of Bluecorp. From here, the pieces begin to fall into place for Wright in his search for his mentor’s killer. Not only is a painting from Grossberg Law Offices hanging proudly on display, but White is even brazen enough to brag about how he controlled the police and the courts. He even punched Wright square in the face, just because he could!

You can’t deny reality when it’s staring you in the face. Wright confronts Grossberg, who tells him the truth. Grossberg had leaked confidential information to White in exchange for a vast sum, but White was now holding this over his head as blackmail.

Heading back to Mia Fey’s office, Wright discovered just how deep Redd White’s corruption really went. He had been continuously blackmailing powerful figures for years, driving many to end their lives. Mia had been investigating him for a while and had got far too close to uncovering the full truth.

Wright knows he can’t turn to the police – or anyone else – so he confronts Redd White with the truth. Knowing he has the legal system in his back pocket, White called the Prosecutor’s office, informing them that he would testify against Wright, implicating him as the killer. To rub salt in the wounds, White promised Wright that he would receive an incompetent lawyer from the state, just to make absolutely sure that he sent his enemy to prison.

The final showdown

In the United States, you are able to defend yourself in court, instead of being represented by a legal team. Needless to say, this is exactly what Phoenix Wright chooses to do. Maya Fey is released and Wright is incarcerated in her place – but not before Wright tells her everything. Furious, she vowed she would be at court to support him.

A court of law is the one place where there’s nowhere to run. For anybody. Throughout the course of the trial, Phoenix Wright slowly backs Redd White into a corner and is about to secure his own acquittal until prosecutor Miles Edgeworth upends the rule book. Phoenix is about to give in until Mia appears in Maya’s body – the shock of seeing him give in has awoken Maya’s channelling powers.

Redd White knew that Mia Fey was the only person who could bring him down. That’s why he killed her. But through Maya’s channelling abilities, she was able to help Phoenix turn the tables on White. We’re not going to reveal exactly how this happens – that would spoil the fun. All we’ll say is that Phoenix is acquitted, Miles Edgeworth suffers his first-ever defeat, and Redd White is finally arrested and sent to prison.

What happens now?

Maya Fey becomes Phoenix Wright's assistant, with Mia Fey looking on.

Mia Fey always knew Phoenix Wright could become a great lawyer. After all, what better proof of Wright’s abilities is there than getting two defendants found guilty in a single trial, while bringing the real culprit to justice? That’s why she passes on her law firm to him – and Wright and Co. Law Offices is born. Not only that, but Maya also becomes Wright’s assistant. One Fey sister may have left Phoenix Wright, but another has taken her place. The family still has a big part to play in his story.

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