‘Gorytale’ Sets to Launched On Steam July 2019


The first-person shooter (FPS) genre is probably the most popular genre in the world. The last few years have been good for the FPS with games like Call of Duty, Halo and CounterStrike being among the best tactical shooters one can play. However, 2019 looks to be no different with a mixture of sequels and original shooters already calendar-confirmed. 

Introducing totally new concepts in the genre, Gorytale is a fast-paced adrenaline-rushed FPS game that features adorable characters and an environment and it is set to make its way to steam on July 19, 2019. The premier first-person shooter game mixes lots of firepower, metal music and weirdly cute enemies into one adorable package. 

Gorytale features a cheesy storyline where players take on the role of an unnamed protagonist who wasn’t really the nicest guy while he was living. Unfortunately for him, his death sends him to his own personal version of hell. It’s a landscape full of so many awesome creatures that it will make unicorn barf a rainbow. 

Gorytale is definitely over the top with so much thrill that you’ll probably need an oxygen mask to play it. Work your way through hordes of cartoony enemies, blowing them to bits with firearms and mocking their violated corpses with a dedicated button that flips them off. It also plays some classic metal music in the background that makes any fan of old-school FPS games feel right at home.

Gorytale is one of the best stuff slated for this year and deserves a spot on your hard drive. If this game sounds like a great idea or something you would like to play, then you’ll be able to get it yourself on July 19th on Steam. No price has been announced yet but it is set to launch for PC and Mac. In the meantime, you can add this adorable game to your wishlist on Steam.

For more information about Gorytale, please click HERE.

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