Indie Horror Games: Upcoming Horror Games 2022


Indie horror games tend to venture into the weirdest concepts and ideas that normal horror games tend to stray away from. This makes it an unpredictable and significantly scarier genre for indies.

Indie games are getting bigger and better in terms of creation, mechanics and visuals as time goes by. With platforms like and Steam that support indie developers, we get to experience more indie games with depth. 

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Without further delay, here are 10 upcoming indie horror games said to be released sometime in 2022!

10 Upcoming Indie Horror Games on Steam

They Are Here

they are here steam indie horror game

An indie horror game on alien abductions that was inspired by the numerous alien abduction rumours and sightings back in the 1960s. They Are Here has a demo released on Steam for those who would like to experience a hauntingly realistic alien abduction from the eyes of a journalist.

You’re a journalist visiting a farm in order to investigate and report the alien sightings that were witnessed by an entire family. You’ll be exploring the farm at night time with a single torch lighting away in order to get photographic evidence of aliens. 

Everything is not as it seems though, and the further you get into the game, the more you uncover about the family that’s housing you.

Once Upon A Time in Roswell

Once Upon A Time in Roswell Indie Horror Game

This game was originally planned for release in late 2021 but has been postponed to an unknown date since. A psychological horror indie game, Once Upon A Time in Roswell known as the Peterson Case, puts you into the shoes of an investigator.

You’re investigating the disappearances of multiple families in 1974 Roswell, USA. You’ll be venturing through all sorts of locations trying to find evidence to solve your mystery. You can also dive into memories to figure out what happened to the victims. All this while avoiding any unwanted confrontations, which means sneaking around stealthily to get what you need.

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Deathgrond Indie Horror Game

A survival horror game that you can play solo or with a friend through co-with a maximum of three people in a team. With a unique presentation, you’ll be attempting to survive against AI dinosaurs as you try to escape the facility you’re currently trapped in. Think Jurassic Park, but indie.

It’s quite replayable as well, there are all sorts of dinosaurs, weather systems, character traits, random dinosaur spawns, extraction points and objectives for you to achieve and mess around with. The facility itself is dark, so you have to be aware of your surroundings in order to not fall prey to any wandering dinosaurs.

Deathground does sound like a game that will be entertaining for a while.

Dead Static Drive

Dead Static Drive Indie Horror Game

A top-down driving meets survival horror game is not something you see every day, and that’s what we get with Dead Static Drive. As the world starts to break apart around you, the only way for you to ensure your survival is through the people you meet along the way.

Although that sounds more wholesome than horrifying, it barely scratches the surface of the game. There’s no escaping the inevitability that is your death as you sneak around and steal stuff to survive or hide in an abandoned bunker. 

In what was described as a GTA with monsters, there’s violence and all sorts of crime. You get to kill all sorts of monsters and even humans that are out to get you.

Choo-Choo Charles

Choo Choo Charles

This is a whole other take on horror that is more disturbing than gore and monsters. A survival horror game where you manage a train as you try to survive an evil spider train named Charles. This evil train enjoys terrorizing people and eating them, nobody knows where he came from. Your job is to build up your old train and destroy him.

As much as it feels like a joke, Choo-Choo Charles is more terrifying than funny. You can loot around for scraps for your train, and even ask the townspeople to help you in your journey to take down Charles. 

Once you’ve gathered enough firepower and strength, go head to head with this creepy abomination and kill him once and for all!


SINAGLIS Indie Horror Game

If you’re looking for a more aesthetic vibe while trying to survive in a horror game, SIGNALIS could be the one for you. The game has a melancholic vibe as you explore and solve puzzles while fighting off monsters in a dystopian world.

The world is rendered in a pixel art anime aesthetic with slow-paced gameplay that allows you to soak in the tension and fear in the air. There are sci-fi elements added into the game as well, which correlates to the story and setting.

The game is to be released in Fall 2022.

Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

Fobia St Dinfna Hotele

A uniquely horrifying experience is to be had with Fobia St Dinfna Hotel. You’ll be exploring the same hotel in different timelines in order to uncover the mystery behind its dark cultish past. The game is planned for a release in June, so stay tuned!

As an amateur journalist, you’re drawn to the mystery of the abandoned hotel, and soon enough you’ll uncover the reason behind all the paranormal sightings and rumours of disappearances. Through the discovery of old cameras and journals, you’ll traverse the hotel’s dark past while trying to survive the horrors that lay hidden in the hotel.

Think Resident Evil, but you’re connecting dots through multiple timelines.

Sorry We’re Closed

Sorry We're Close

A single-player survival horror game with interactions that allow for multiple endings. In Sorry We’re Closed, you were cursed by a demon and destined to die within a couple of days. This is a narrative-driven game, so there are characters for you to interact with and talk to in order to proceed.

You’ll have to explore your neighbours and eventually the demon world, in order to figure out a way to save yourself. It goes without saying that there will be monsters and demons you would either have to confront or hide from, so tread lightly.

Since the game has multiple endings, it does grant more replayability value as well. It will be released sometime this year, the date is to be determined.


Heartworm Indie Horror Game

Dubbed as a lo-fi retro psychological horror, Heartworm is a nostalgic horror game reminiscent of Silent Hill. Not surprising, as it is said to be an ode to the 90s horror genre – Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and Silent Hill itself.

The protagonist, Sam discovers a tape left behind by her long-lost friend that leads her to an eerie-looking place that looks vaguely familiar. Heartworm is all about memories – ones we make together and ones we wish to forget. There are depictions of mental illness and trauma in this game, so don’t take it lightly.

A release date is still yet to be announced, but we’re excited by the prospect of this game with its low-res graphics.



A demo is currently available for CONSCRIPT if you want to try it out firsthand. The game is about a French soldier during the First World War as he searches for his MIA brother. You’ll be scavenging for supplies, crossing war-ridden locations and solving some complex puzzles all in the name of survival.

Witness the horrors of war firsthand in CONSCRIPT, and don’t say we didn’t warn you! War is gruesome and traumatizing, which will be reflected in your gameplay. There are multiple difficulty settings if you think it’s not hard enough, and all sorts of firearms. 

Note that you will be fighting the psychological manifestations of traumatised soldiers as well as the enemy itself. Aside from that, planning your routes and managing your items play a big role in your survival as well.

There you go! These are some of the most gruesome indie horror games that are set to release in 2022! May you have a great time getting spooked by these games when they’re released, and don’t forget to wishlist them if you’re interested!

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