5 LGBTQ+ Indie Games for Pride Month 2024

LGBTQ+ Indie games for Pride month! Enjoy diversity this June!
Sam Bradley

Pride is a time to celebrate diversity in all its forms, and we are going to highlight the best LGBTQ+ Indie games for you. Being able to see representation in the media of yourself or people you care about is one way we show support for the LQBTQ+ community. The indie game space is packed with diversity and we have selected 5 games to showcase this for Pride 2024.

Stardew Valley

an 8 bit pixel farm from a top down view. growing various crops with a little shack in the top centre of the time. a scarscor stands in the field while the farmer stands watching over the crops.

Probably the most well-known and well-received Indie games in history, Stardew Valley shows us how easy representation is. The beloved farming simulator is just that, a farming simulator, but so much more. One key aspect of the game that people love is the romance options and the relationships you can build with the townspeople. The ease of showing LQBTQ+ representation in Stardew Valley is as simple as having your character romance anyone. 

There are no restrictions based on gender in this game as male-presenting player characters can romance male NPCs and Female NPCs. The same goes for female-presenting player characters, romance whoever you like, at least unless they’re already married. 

Such a simple addition as this allows players to really see themselves as the protagonist of the story. Such a little thing can mean a massive amount to players who are often sidelined in other media. As far as indie LGBTQ+ games go, Stardew Valley is a must-try for anyone.

Dream Daddy

7 various and attractive fatheres stand in front of a purple background with the logo of Dream Daddy a dad dating simulator is written in cursive pink letters with love hearts around it in the bottom right of the image.

Probably one of the more adult games on this list is Dream Daddy. An absolute gay icon of a game, you play a newly single dad looking for love. Your character is male but can have been in relationships with men or women in the past so you can choose the sexual orientation of your character. You get to meet and date other dads with sometimes disastrous results! 

This game is a very overt LGBTQ+ indie game where there is no subtle option. Dream Daddy was designed to be the dating sim missing from the huge library of dating sims already available. If you have ever wanted to date a fisherman with a dad bod, or a vampire-coded recluse, then Dream Daddy is the LGBTQ+ Indie game for you this pride.

Night in the Woods

a hand drawn coffee shop with some anthropomorphic animals sit in conversation

Even a Pride 2024 Indie game list isn’t complete without a bit of Horror. Night in the Woods follows a young college dropout and misfit Mae who returns home, to things a bit peculiar. This Horror game contains all your usual suspense, lore and character growth. But it also contains a whole host of LGBTQ+ characters. Mae the protagonist is pansexual. There is a lesbian couple and a gay couple, a Non-binary individual and a Trans woman. This cast forms the main set of people you interact with throughout Mae’s journey. 

The spooky atmosphere, the queer cast, and the in-depth story make Night in the Woods a must-play for Pride 2024.

Our Life: Now & Forever

two young girls stand outside in autumn on the left of the image. waving at the viewer. on the right their older selves of around 20 stand looking at the viewer still in autumnal attire. the logo Our lives with a acorn seed for the O in our sits at the lower right of the image.

I had the privilege of interviewing the creator of Our Life: Now & Forever and asking them some interesting questions about the creation of this game.

  1. What inspired you to make this particular game?
    Our Life: Now & Forever is the second Our Life game. The first OL, Our Life: Beginnings & Always, had
    male leads. I wanted to make another entry into the series with a female and non-binary lead so that
    all types of players could have someone they preferred to grow up with.
    As for why I wanted to make this duo of Our Life games in the first place, I’m a ridiculously
    sentimental and nostalgic person. It’s a powerful emotion for me. Stories that make me feel that way
    are special. Since I began making VNs (Visual Novels), I have wondered if I could make a story that sincerely felt sentimental and nostalgic for the people who played it. For my first few projects, I didn’t even attempt that. I knew I didn’t have the skills for it. I did other things I enjoyed. However, I eventually reached the point where I wanted to take a shot at it. I was having ideas and feeling more capable. OL was made with the lessons I learned from writing a variety of VNs, and with the core principle of being earnest and heartfelt.
  2. The characters are very diverse and show a lot of thought was put into inclusivity in the game,
    where did this stem from for you as a creator?

    I was lucky to grow up in a diverse extended family and grew up in a world where different types of
    people were always a part of life. I wanted the world I created to reflect that, especially because the
    intent of the game is to let people be themselves. That wouldn’t be possible without keeping diversity
    in mind the whole way through.
  3. What inspired the time periods used in the game? why not just do adults?
    I’m a huge proponent of the childhood friend trope. For me, it’s hard to beat characters who have a
    lifetime of memories together. But I understand that it can be quite difficult for people to find that type
    of relationship genuine if they’re simply told the characters know each other well. I decided to show
    players the vision by letting them actually create a lifetime of unique and personal memories with the
    leads of the story themselves! Plus, there’s all that sentimentality and nostalgia stuff I mentioned
    before. One of the best ways to make story elements feel nostalgic is by having time pass and things
    change within the world of the game.
  4. Who is your personal favourite character?
    My favourites are the ones that get the most attention in the story, haha. So, Tamarack and Qiu are the top two. For side characters, I really love Renee and the MC’s parent, Opal. I’m also attached to a little mystery boy who shows up briefly in Step 1 because he is a cameo from our older game, XOXO
  5. Did you draw from any personal experiences or situations when creating the characters’ journeys?
    Yeah. There are definitely things in the game that are relatable to me. The Our Life games are a way
    for me to explore parts of life that I have personal thoughts on. But there are also a lot of things in there because they’re important to people who aren’t just me. I want players to have things they can latch
    onto as well.
  6. What can we expect from GB Patch in the future?
    The main things to come are Our Life: Now & Forever and the various DLCs we’re releasing for it! That
    will take a few years to fully wrap up. But we might be able to release Our Life: Beginnings & Always
    on some new storefronts in the future. And I’ve already got ideas for the game we’ll be making after
    OL: N&F is finally complete. I call it “Project W” right now. It’s another highly customizable VN that
    has no connection to the Our Life series.

To end the interview I asked GB Patch to give me a quote summing up Indie Games and LGBTQ+ representation in the space and they had this to say:

Indie games are a wonderful place to find, and create your own, LGBTQ+ stories. Making a game has never been more accessible and I’m so glad to see all the diverse experiences that are out there these days. Happy pride month!

GB Patch

A huge thanks to GB Patch for taking the time to answer my questions. If you would like to support this wonderful creator, you can download Our Life: Now & Forever Here and for more updates on the DLCs and the mysterious “Project W” you can follow GB Patch on ‘X’.

Hexed Pet Adventures

panels showing 6 anime style drawings of young men all dressed in japanese school uniforms form a box around the words Hexed pet Adventure written in colourful bubbles letters.

A classic Gameboy-inspired RPG is the final addition to your LGBTQ+ Indie games list for Pride 2024. Hexed Pet Adventures is an adorable little RPG where you’re the new high school student. Somehow your teacher and some classmates have all mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully Grandma knows best and has found them all turned into animals! 

Solve the mystery and flirt heavily with the spirits of the people trapped in the animal bodies. Less of a dating sim and more of a flirty adventure. Your character is male as are the transformed classmates and teacher. Sometimes a simple representation works. This short RPG is completely free to download and play and it is just over an hour long. As indie as indie games get, and with LGBTQ+ representation too, what’s not to love?

There are so many LGBTQ+ Indie games you could be playing this Pride month. Above is a selection of some popular, and some hidden gems in the Indie LGBTQ+ space. The Indie LGBTQ+ game space encompasses all genres of gaming from dating sims to RPGs and everything in between. You’ll be able to find something you love this Pride month.

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