Best Archer Queen Equipment in Clash of Clans 

A guide to Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen.
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If you want to know more about Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans, I cover it in detail in my last article – Best Barbarian King Equipment in Clash of Clans. As for this article, I’ll be going through the best Equipment for the Archer Queen so that you can make an informed decision about which Equipment to use when you attack.

We will cover a common strategy with the Archer Queen, the Queen Charge. It involves the Queen being placed with 5 Healers, which paired with Rage, Freeze and Invisibility spells, can take out large chunks of the base, particularly the Eagle Artillery and/or the Town Hall.

The Archer Queen’s Hero Equipment

The Archer Queen currently has 5 Hero Equipment to choose from:

  • Archer Puppet 
  • Invisibility Vial 
  • Giant Arrow
  • Healer Puppet
  • Frozen Arrow 

Let’s go through the strengths, weaknesses, and use cases for each Equipment so you can choose which ones are right for you and the strategies you like to use! 

Archer Puppet

Clash of Clans Archer Queen equipment: Archer Puppet (summons a group of Archers)

When activated, the Archer Puppet summons a group of Archers to help the Queen. It also recovers a portion of the Queen’s health and increases her damage per second. 

It is one of two Equipment that the Archer Queen starts with, the other being the Invisibility Vial. 

At maxed level (18) the Archer Puppet summons 35 Archers, increases the Queen’s damage per second by 144 and recovers 440 hitpoints on activation. 

Similar to the Barbarian King’s Barbarian Puppet Equipment, the Archer Puppet is good at swarming defences and protecting the Archer Queen, particularly against single-target defences. However, the summoned Archers are quickly dispatched by splash damage defences such as Wizard Towers and Scattershots. 

Overall, the Archer Puppet is one of the weakest Equipment for the Queen and should only be used at lower Town Hall levels when other options are limited. 

Invisibility Vial

Clash of Clans Archer Queen equipment: Invisibility Vial (grants temporary invisibility)

On activation, the Invisibility Vial turns the Archer Queen invisible and increases her damage for a short time. Additionally, it increases her hit points. 

It is the second Equipment that the Archer Queen starts with, alongside the Archer Puppet. 

At maxed level (18) the Invisibility Vial ability lasts for 7.8 seconds, increasing the Queen’s damage per shot by a huge 1,740 and raising her hitpoints by 700. 

This Equipment greatly increases the Queen’s survivability and allows her to take down several defences while invisible. It’s particularly great to use up against a single-target Inferno or Monolith. However, be sure to activate the ability before the Queen gets too low on health otherwise she can sometimes die before the invisibility can save her. 

Overall, the Invisibility Vial is a great choice for every attack and is one of the Archer Queen’s best Equipment. The invisibility keeps her alive longer and the damage increase helps her to take out high hitpoint buildings such as the Town Hall. 

Giant Arrow

Clash of Clans Archer Queen equipment: Giant Arrow (long-range projectile, deals massive damage)

When activated, the Giant Arrow fires a huge arrow in a straight line which pierces through buildings as it crosses the entire village. It also increases the Queen’s damage per second and hitpoints. 

It is unlocked at Blacksmith level 2 which is available at Town Hall 9, but should it be used over the Archer Puppet.

At maxed level (18) the Giant Arrow deals 1,950 damage, increasing the Queen’s damage per second by 132 and her hitpoints by 581.

The Giant Arrow sounds good in theory but is often less effective in practice. If lined up correctly, it can destroy key defences such as Air Sweepers which can aid an air attack. However, most of the time it will only soften up buildings. That being said, you can pair the Giant Arrow with Lightning and Earthquake spells to destroy certain buildings, but this requires skill and precision to pull off. To answer the question I posed above, I would rather use the Archer Puppet at lower Town Hall levels. 

Overall, the Giant Arrow is a high-skill ceiling Equipment, offering a high upside when used correctly, but offering little when used poorly. 

Healer Puppet

Clash of Clans Hero equipment: Healer Puppet (summons multiple Healers)

The Healer Puppet summons a small number of Healers when activated. Additionally, it grants the Queen additional hitpoints and a small amount of self-healing per second. 

This Equipment is unlocked at Blacksmith level 5, requiring Town Hall level 12. 

At maxed level (18) the Healer Puppet summons 3, level 8 Healers, provides 35 self-healing per second and increases the Queen’s hitpoints by 968. 

The Healer Puppet increases the Archer Queen’s survivability by providing her with a good amount of hitpoints and healing. Something useful to note is that the Healer’s don’t solely target the Queen, so they can heal other troops if they’re in the area, saving you between 14-42 army camp space depending on the Puppet’s level. 

Overall, the Healer Puppet is one of the best Equipment for the Archer Queen because it increases her survivability. Despite this, I wouldn’t use it when doing a Queen Charge as any more than 5 Healers on a Hero have no effect and other Equipment is better. 

Frozen Arrow

Clash of Clans Archer Queen equipment: Frozen Arrow (slows and damages enemies)

The Frozen Arrow is a passive ability that slows down the defences it hits for a limited time. 

The Frozen Arrow is the only Epic Equipment for the Archer Queen, so if you don’t have it already you’ll need to buy it from the Trader for 1500 gems. 

At max level (27) the Frozen Arrow slows the defences’ attack speed by 75% for 3 seconds. It also increases the Archer Queen’s damage per second by 168. 

Being a passive ability, the Frozen Arrow is always used throughout a battle. It is particularly effective against key defences such as Inferno Towers, Scattershots, X-Bows and the Monolith, and defending Heroes. However, the Frozen Arrow can only impact the target the Queen is attacking, so when coming up against several defences at one time, she can quickly be overwhelmed and defeated. 

Overall, the Frozen Arrow is the best Equipment for the Archer Queen. It increases her damage output by a large amount and is particularly great in a Queen Charge. 


Overall, the best and most versatile Equipment pairing for the Archer Queen is the Invisibility Vial and Frozen Arrow. Together, they greatly increase the Queen’s damage output and her survivability. Whether you like to do a Queen Charge or send her in with the core of the army, this pairing is great for all strategies. 

If you don’t have the Frozen Arrow and can’t afford it, the Healer Puppet is a good alternative to pair with the Invisibility Vial. However, this pairing can lead to the Healers dying quickly while the Queen is invisible. If you have the Frozen Arrow, the Healer Puppet can be paired with it instead of the Invisibility Vial, especially if you don’t have space for Healers in your army composition. 

The Giant Arrow can be a great Equipment in the right hands and particular strategies, but if you’re a more casual player who likes to send the Queen in behind the army, I wouldn’t bother upgrading it. If you choose to use this Equipment, I wouldn’t suggest pairing it with the Invisibility Vial as you want to activate the ability immediately which wastes the Invisibility. Pairing it with the Healer Puppet and 2 Healers can lead to a Queen Charge while saving army camp space. Alternatively using it alongside the Frozen Arrow is always a safe bet. 

Finally, the Archer Puppet is a decent Equipment from Town Hall 9-12, when you haven’t unlocked the Healer Puppet, but if you have the Frozen Arrow, I would use that. 

I hope this guide has helped you to choose the best Archer Queen Equipment for you. As always, experiment with different pairings and strategies. 

Good luck and Clash on!

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