Lost Ark Classes: Tier List


Lost Ark features diverse advanced classes. Customizable fighting styles will defeat battle demon legions and colossal bosses in your quest for The Ark.

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Lost Ark Classes

In Lost Ark, all classes determine how you fight your way to victory. There are five main classes:

1. Warrior – these male-only characters are the powerhouses in the world of Arkesia. You can count on them to stand their ground and compensate for mobility with cataclysmic impact.

2. Martial Artist – as can be expected, this class of heroes are quick-footed and loaded with attack combos.

3. Gunner – sure enough, to hit you with advanced weapons or bows and arrows.

4. Mage – these female-only heroes blessed with the ancient magic of Arkesia cast deadly spells to defeat evil, regenerate health, and boost allies.

5. Assassin – the melee-maker heroes turn the power of darkness against evil. As you would not expect them, they are all females.

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Warrior: Specialized Classes

a. Berserker – this hero is full of power with high-damage greatsword attacks coupled with potent defence. Burst mode makes them faster and deals tremendous damage to enemies with a special skill.

b. Paladin – he directly connects to the god’s ancient powers and bears holy skills plus buffs with the holy book, supporting his team. He can also fight unfailingly with a sword.

c. Gunlancer – being on the first line of defence, he has impressive protection and a battlefield shield for the whole party. He has the ability to both fight and absorbs damage.

Martial Artist: Specialized Classes

a. Striker – he is as powerful as a strong wind. This hero features many physical skills with speed and powerful elemental skills to win the battle.

b. Wardancer – she wields quick fighting skills and elemental powers. She can store elemental energy to faze the enemy.

c. Scrapper – she can subdue enemies with a balanced attack, defence, mobility, and power. She carries a heavy gauntlet and utilizes two inverse forms of attack energy.

d. Soulfist – this heroine has explosive combo attacks in melee and ranged attacks. She can harness the special energy of Adamance to boost her abilities and stamina.

Gunner: Specialized Classes

a. Gunslinger – the diva of the gunners, with the penchant for guns on any occasion. Her cat-like reflexes make her uncatchable while dealing heavily with the foe.

b. Artillerist – what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in power and defence. He blasts his way into enemies under the scorching heat of the sun.

c. Deadeye – this rogue makes it rough for the enemies and wishes a good death for them. What a dramatic and classy way to die with a double handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

d. Sharpshooter can reach the enemies with flying arrows laced with effects. Expect him to be agile and survive in the long and weary fight.

Mage: Specialized Classes

a. Bard – the Liane harp is not just an instrument with her; it’s her healing tool of soothing serenades and a weapon against enemies. She can easily harmonize with any team.

b. Sorceress – she has the magic of three elements and spells that cause area damage. Multiple enemies match to this one hell of a power.

Assassin: Specialized Classes

a. Shadowhunter – she can unleash her inner demon filled with incredible powers, health, and speed. Demons are sure to taste a dose of their own medicine.

b. Deathblade – she handles three swords with finesse. Fast-paced combo attacks will dramatically lead the enemy to their grave.

Lost Ark Classes: Tier list

This list includes all of the Lost Ark specialized classes across four tiers.

The S Tier comprises Bard (Mage), Gunslinger (Gunner), and all of the Warriors: Berserker, Gunlancer, and Paladin.

Next, the A Tier members, which are more distributed in the general classes, include Artillerist (Gunner), Deathblade (Assassin), Sorceress (Mage), and Striker (Martial Artist).

Third, the B Tier includes Scrapper and Soulfist (Martial Artists), Shadowhunter (Assassin), and Sharpshooter (Gunner).

Lastly, Deadeye (Gunner) and Wardancer (Martial Artist) make up the C Tier.

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