Rain on Your Parade Prologue


Rain On Your Parade, a game by Unbound Creations is an adorable cardboard game. The player is a cloud motivated to ruin everyone’s day by raining on their parade! With fun and exciting features, you can unlock and improve abilities, across various levels and zones. With each passing level, the mechanics get more fun and exciting!

What to Expect from Rain on Your Parade Prologue?

You can buy Rain on Your Parade on Steam and can be played on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Thinking of new ways to destroy someone’s day by causing mayhem, in Rain your Parade, you can travel halfway across the world and unleash lightning and thunder under supermarket shoppers, malls, crops, military bases, on the forest, and ruin someone’s big wedding day! Another exciting feature of this intriguing game is to rain down meteors on dinosaurs!

Unlock New Levels and New Abilities

As the player progresses through the different levels, he will continue unlocking various ways of causing chaos and mayhem. The player can either use lightning or thunder to scare people, or he can form tornadoes and take in everything in its path. 

Rain On Your Parade Prologue Features

  • Demolish people’s moods and make sure their day goes by bombarding them miserably, with tornadoes, rain, and lightning. 
  • With a total of 40 levels, travel to different parts of the world by causing a mess to cities, parking lots, malls, dinosaurs, weddings, farms and much more!
  • Customize the cloud to your liking by giving it a unique face and a unique hat too. 
  • A fun soundtrack is encapsulating the game’s nature, making the environment fresh and lively!


Are you looking for an age-appropriate fun game to play this holiday season with your children, friends, family members, or loved ones? Rain on your Parade is the one for you! With its charismatic features and eccentric levels, it is a game you will surely enjoy! 

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