Legend of Keepers Guide


Legend of Keepers is amongst the most entertaining and enthralling games in the industry. With one of the best fusions between Roguelite and Dungeon Management, this is a game where you will be hired as the master of a dungeon by the company of Dungeons. The only thing the player has to do is to look after their dungeons and protect them at all costs!

Legend of Keepers Quick Guide

We have compiled a list of a few tips and tricks that you can use as a guide for acing the Legend of Keepers.

Understand Your Enemies

One of the best ways to win is to understand the enemies, their skills, and also their weaknesses. This will not only help you plan around your enemies, but it is also extensively helpful in analyzing their next move by viewing their resistances. You can spot the monsters conveniently.

Look After the Turn Order

The list on the left side of the screen shows the turn order which portrays the orders for the different monsters and when their next turn would be. This list can be extensively helpful for planning your next attack on potential enemies.

Scare Your Enemies

Scaring your enemies away is much better than killing them off all at once. Scaring your enemies away shall empty their morale bar, it is a method much better than going hybrid. When you kill an enemy, you receive the blood resource. Whereas, scaring them away will be helpful to attain tears. Despite both entities carrying the same power and potential, tears consist of more benefits than blood. 

A few of the other shorter tips & tricks recommended to follow are:

  • Storing more monsters in the Garrison
  • Levelling up the monster of the dungeon
  • Customizing the level of difficulty
  • Deciding the tasks pick
  • Stacking debuffs advantage

Legend of Keepers Monster List

  • Gargoyle
  • Ghost
  • Skeleton Magus
  • Ice Skeleton
  • Orc, Skeleton Dog

Legend of Keepers Rare Monsters 

  • Infernal Guardian
  • Jubokko
  • Orc Sorcerer
  • Skeleton Lord

Legend of Keepers Suggested Artefacts

  • Demonic Pendant
  • Totem of Strength
  • Magic Purse
  • Chalice of Youth
  • Enchanted Gogs
  • Troll Beer

Legend of Keepers Suggested Traps

  • Lure
  • Bone Catapult

Legend of Keepers All Monsters

  • Boarman
  • Flame Eater
  • Harpy
  • Ice Skeleton
  • Naga
  • Gargoyle
  • Gnoll
  • Goblin Drummer
  • Satyr
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Skeleton Dog
  • Skeleton Soldier
  • Succubus
  • Skeleton Magus
  • Yetigo


Are you looking for a game that will give you an exciting and adventurous gaming experience like no other? With exciting characters and an epic storyline, Legend of Keepers is a game that will make you want to keep playing for hours and hours, without getting tired or bored!

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