Take to the Skies with Surefire Hit Rogue Aces


If you like your airplane travel to be less cardboard in-flight meal and more loop-the-loop, then Rogue Aces could be your favourite video game in a long time. Cast as your choice of a daredevil pilot in this incredible mid-air melee available on XBOX One, PS4, PSVita and NintendoSwitch (for just £9.99); it’s up to you to fight off every crate in the sky to survive.

With only three in your squadron, it’s up to you to don your mustache and take the sticks you soar through skies thick with gunfire. There are enemies around every cloud. Can you win the war by battling for control of the air, domination of the sea and bombing the fields out of the grounds as you fly?

Let’s start by saying that we can’t provide a level-headed Rogue Aces review. One ride around the skies in the cockpit of this fantastic action-adventure is enough to charm any hardened gamer. With during dogfights, building bombings, and sky-high skirmishes above the sea to be had, Rogue Aces satisfies any wannabe fighter pilot’s desire for take-off.

There’s a whole bullet-box of game modes available in Rogue Aces, which is the brainchild of Charlie Scott-Skinner and Mike Daw. With 100 missions over a series of exciting islands, you could be forgiven for remembering the legendary Amstrad game Dr Destructo, or maybe even other classics, Wings of Fury or Luftrausers.

While Dr Destructo, for example, is restricted to one screen of blue-sky shooting, however, Rogue Aces pushes the action further out, exploring randomly-generated missions and throwing a Veteran Campaign, Frontline Campaign and several survival modes at you. Each offers you a different way to play, with top-secret missions available to unlock if you earn your stripes.

rogue aces

There are many WWII games on the market, but while many in recent years have focused on the realism of the game’s design, Rogue Aces have rightly given realism a miss. There’s a magnificent arcade feel to starting another game, especially in survival mode. But the single-player voyage through war-torn vistas filled with brilliantly-designed planes to battle is what I kept coming back to. Rogue Aces may not be a monster of production, but I never missed cut-scenes, realistic figures or historical accuracy.

Rogue Aces is enormous fun never threatens to be anything else. You won’t get bored with the action, and while completing the game is not the most challenging task, achieving it gives a minor buzz of excitement. Once you’ve progressed through Arcade Mode to unlock game modes such as Frontline Mode and Bomber Defence, you’ll be having tremendous fun. Encountering TheBaron, a mysterious enemy with a black plane capable of firing lasers, utilizing flamethrowers and robust engines, you’ll be on a mission to succeed.

One of the best pick-up-and-play indie games I’ve played in a long time; I loved Rogue Aces.

Go to the official website here if you’d like to read more, but if you’d like to look at the game, then the official trailer, full review, and gameplay teaser on offer should satisfy your appetite. Rogue Aces will take you to the highest heights of arcade gaming and never let you go into a tailspin!

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