Two Point Hospital Presses The Beeper For Fun And Doesn’t Let Go Until You Flatline


If you’ve ever watched the TV series Scrubs and thought, ‘I could do that!’ while watching JD and his frenemies suffer, then Two Point Hospital will be the game for you. From designing a hospital to staving off ghostly attacks on the grey matter of your patients, things escalate quickly in Two Point Hospital. Quickly.

A cunning mix of designing a hospital in how Hay Day convinced millions of people that a virtual farm was their dream investment, Two Point Hospital doesn’t end the premise there. From building the hospital, your task is to keep the patients alive, which isn’t an easy task when they’re suffering from such ailments as light-headedness to er… cubism.

Once you’ve cured the sick, it gets a little like The Walking Dead in there! – it’s time to turn a profit as you entertain demanding patients, improve the furnishings and discipline your staff into a well-oiled make-em-well machine.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital succeeds primarily due to a perfect mix of the following:

Hilarious diseases: from building a machine to cure minor yet original ailments to freeing the corridors of spectral visitors – this hasn’t been as much fun since Slimer could only taste chicken) – the things that need to be cured are the game’s most enormous pull.

Novel tasks: One person turning into a ghost is one thing. Dozens on one floor is a pandemic, and you get plenty of chances to deal with masses of sick people in Two Point Hospital.

Location, Location, Location: From your initial base at Hogsport and through sites such as Lower Bullocks, you’ll move on once you get big enough to relocate. From there, it’s a case of growth, or your patients die. Generally, patients die a lot.

Your progress is tracked through a Candy Crush Saga style three-star system. You can scrape over the line and earn one star or excel to earn all three. You can always go back to perfect your procedure, so don’t let your blood pressure hit the roof if you don’t perform.

Once you’ve got the hang of building and curing, you’re thrown the big curveball of a staff who needs constant coaxing into action. From skills to experience, Two Point Hospital nurses, doctors, and experts need to be trained up and set to work.

One side of the game I love is the reliance, at times, on statistical analysis. It’s presented really well, and the addictive nature of self-improvement is definitely the case in Two Points County.

Just try to resist taking too many loans to supplement the U.S. treasury because hospitals are there to make money, and Two Points is no different. You have to balance the hospital finances, but you can also get rewarded in ‘Kudosh’, a fun currency with which you can buy more enjoyable and frivolous stuff.

Completing the many tasks in Two Point Hospital is a juggling act that is almost impossible to balance, but it’s a lot of fun doing so.

Take a look at the trailer if you don’t believe me.

You can get involved with the gang who designed it on their Twitter page, and there’s currently 10% off the game on the official website or Steam. You can even favourite the Two Point Hospital YouTube page, where you can keep up to date with the latest walkthroughs.

Out on August 30th, 2018, you’ll want to scrub up and prepare yourself for the nightmare hospital shift of your life – and the most fun you’ll have to play an indie game for some time.

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