2018 SuperMajor Champions – Team Liquid


Finally, the curse has been broken.

After weeks of bloodbath, we now finally have the champion of the China Dota 2 Super Major – The Team Liquid. They finally secure a major victory after several tries.

With best of 5 series, Team Liquid and Virtus Pro never failed us to give quality and intense game — always. Although Team Liquid had a hard time in early game, they managed to take game 1, topping VP with Miracle’s mid lane Templar Assassin and MATUMBAMAN’s Visage carry. Final game was a big score rally for both teams as 2nd, 3rd and 4th games were equally divided victory.

However, the 5th game was the most vigorous battle match of the game. It’s a do-or-die situation so VP opted to choose a late-game hero which is Medusa pick whilst Team Liquid decided to use the same heroes Miracle and Matumbaman used in 1st game that worked really well against VP. After massive use of buybacks in both teams. Final clash was too much for VP to handle and stop Team Liquid with GH Naga Siren’s song setup and Kurokys’ Warlock’s Chaotic Offering combo which pushed VP to concede.

Do you think Team Liquid could be the first team to win two TI titles? We’ll find out in the coming TI8 on August 20th.

Source: TeamLiquid

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