Gaming Beast For Mobile – ASUS ROG Phone


Introducing the New ASUS ROG Phone

The first smartphone from the Republic of Gamers is here, it’s really not pulling any punches when it comes to mobile gaming. We all know developers have been hard at work for years trying to take the mobile gaming experience to the same level as desktop gaming – but it’s the ASUS ROG phone that’s ready to deliver what all us gamers have been waiting for.

So if you want to take your gaming on-the-go with you, the ROG is the android phone you need in your life. Combining powerful processors with crystal clear graphics and a stunning design, ASUS looks set to take over from the Razer phone as the best phone for mobile gaming.

The ASUS ROG Features: Style & Sensibility

But let’s get down to it – what is it about the ASUS ROG that really makes it stand out as a must have phone?

These are just some of the key parts of the ASUS ROG spec you need to know:

    • Speed-binned 2.96GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
    • Qualcomm Adreno 630 GPU
    • 6-inch display with 18:9 (2160×1080) OLED panel, 90Hz refresh rate and 1ms pixel response time
    • 8GB RAM memory
    • 128GB or 512GB memory
    • Audio with dual front-facing stereo speakers

So that all sounds great, but what does all of that actually mean for you? This powerhouse from ASUS is jam-packed with features that all work together to usher in a new era of mobile gaming.

The New Gaming Phone

You’ll notice the ROG phone has ultrasonic sensors for landscape gaming – meaning you can see more of the screen without your pesky fingers getting in the way. The impressive memory and storage makes the ASUS ROG ideal for serious gaming. Even better than that is its stunning display. Boasting vibrant colours and a high contrast ratio, you’ll barely even notice you’re gaming on a small screen. But if by chance you want to go big, you can mirror your gameplay to a nearby TV through the ASUS WiGig Dock.

A Phone That Looks Good

The gaming capabilities are the heart of the ASUS ROG, but here – looks really do matter, too. And the ROG does not disappoint. This was designed to be noticed. The bold, unusual shapes, exposed copper, and mixed textures, all draw your eye to the phone. But the stand out design highlight is the silver ROG logo that sits on the back of the phone and has an RGB backlight you can programme. Choose between static, pulsating, or strobing colour – and you can even sync up with up to five other ROG phones, which will look pretty impressive when you’re our and about.

rog-phone-cooler1 rog-phone-cooler2

Should I Buy the New ASUS ROG phone?

Now comes the important question, how do you get your hands on the new ASUS ROG phone? And how much will it set you back? ASUS haven’t let much info slip quite yet. But what I do know is this new gaming is due out in Q3 of this year. As for the price? That remains to be seen – but if it’s anything like the Razer phone, I’d bet it’ll cost you around 50,000PHP.

Image source: ROG Asus

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