Rules of Survival Withdrawn From Steam


If you’re a keen player of Rules of Survival and made a purchase you are probably getting angry right now and possibly a bit confused.  The battle royal game has been withdrawn from the Steam Store.  It was only released two weeks ago!

There is a silver lining, however, and that it is according to NetEase, the game’s development company, this is a temporary measure caused by an issue with Steam.

In an announcement, the dev team stated:

Hi Survivors,

There has been much speculation about the sudden removal of RoS from Steam today, we would like to clear up some of the information that has been spreading.

1. The Steam Store page has been archived and is unavailable to new survivors at this point. We are currently working with Steam to get it back up ASAP.

2. We would like to reassure survivors that if you have already purchased the game, your game data is safe and you can still continue to play the game now, without any interruption. 

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish to thank the RoS Community for their understanding and support.

RoS Dev Team

Is it a Cheating Thing?

If you’re a regular player you’ll know that cheating is a real issue in ROS.  Most of us have experienced being shot through walls and so on and so forth.  You could argue that ROS has become a bit of a mess.  As such, there is speculation that the game has been withdrawn so that the devs can fix the issues.  Let’s hope!

Longer Wait for Paid Goodies

The game went on sale on Steam at the end of May promising in-game buffs and other goodies for a monthly pass.  I for one was looking forward to the in-game edge and the extra customization options.

Although it is disappointing that the game has been withdrawn, I won’t be shouting for my money back just yet. The devs have an opportunity to fix the issues and improve the game, as well as introduce the new items they promised back in May.

I might be calm by other fans are not, so whatever the issues are, fingers crossed they can deliver and keep the majority of fans on their side.

In the meantime, if you have a saved free account you can carry on shooting your fellow players to your heart’s content.  If you excuse me I need to go and do exactly that!

Source: Steam Community

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