4 Tips For Imposters In Among Us


Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm in a flash. The game’s graphics look like it’s come from a 2006 Newgrounds-era flash game but the simplicity of it and the communication aspect makes it such a blast to play with friends. It’s really brought together groups of people to interact and have fun with each other, which is something that’s been needed during this pandemic.

The best part of the game is definitely the impostor role. It can be a real challenge to constantly deceive everyone and you need a really psychopathic edge to you to constantly kill and lie to your colleagues. That’s what makes the game so fun, though.

This article will be giving you the 4 best tips and tricks to refine your impostor gameplay and ensure you get the better of your unknowing colleagues every time.

Timing Is Key

It can seem really obvious that timing would be key to killing unsuspecting teammates, but really… timing is key.

In the beginning stages of the game, it can be really hard to kill off teammates as there are so many people swarming around all parts of the map. If you’re a solo impostor it can be that much harder. There may be a time when everyone is huddled in one room on top of each other – that could be the perfect time to strike. No one would know who did it as everyone is close to each other and stacked. It may seem audacious to kill someone in front of the whole group but it’s definitely a valid strategy to get your first kill.

Timing is also key because you may need to incorporate all the tips and tricks below to get it right.

Pretend To Do Tasks

Everyone will be doing a task of some sort, but imposters are not assigned actual tasks so they have to pretend. Pretending to do these tasks can give you a valid alibi for when you have the discussion. If you’re unsure about how to lie convincingly, then creating a white lie makes it much easier for most people. Maybe you really were in security, but you just happened to kill green while in there. Having this alibi will help you be resolute in your lie, and also convince others that you’re not just running around the map doing nothing. That would be a telltale sign that you’re an impostor.


Anyone who’s played an impostor even once knows how crucial the vents are. You can sneak around and escape the crime scene in a James Bond-like fashion. If James Bond was a murderous impostor, that is.

It’s vital that NO ONE sees you using the vents. It’s a dead giveaway and you can pretty much call it game over. However, if you have some freaky lying powers maybe if an individual saw you use the vents you can turn it on him instead. This game is all about manipulation and lying, after all. Which leads us to our last and most important tip…

The Discussion Phase

The discussion phase is where boys become men. It’s where hardened veterans show their worth and noobs show their cracks. Every time a body is reported, you will all be summoned to discuss either through Discord or through the in-game chatting interface. Among Us has become such a phenomenon almost solely due to the interactions that take place within the discussion phase.

Here, you are free to invent and apply whatever strategy may come in mind. Maybe you want to be clueless and join the crowd? You could ask questions about where the person died and who reported the body. Or maybe, as mentioned earlier, if someone saw you using the vents you can turn it on them immediately and report the fact that they used the vents instead. Maybe you can lie and say red wasn’t following the alleged alibi they gave. The sky’s the limit here and you are really put to the lying test.

Closing Thoughts

Among Us is really a game of timing and lying. The ultimate manipulation combo. Playing as an impostor really brings out the best in the game and creates such fun tension between groups and it really is a great time when you play with friends. So, if you never want to get caught again when you’re playing as an impostor, these tips and tricks should do you just fine.

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