‘Come Out’ Is Serving You Vintage Spooks This Halloween


We’re all well accustomed to the insane graphics giving us major frights on Outlast and Diablo, but what about those retro-style pixelated games we’ve all played at some point? Give yourself a blast from the past with indie game Come Out’s demo. This game has a similar feel to The Legend of Zelda, minus the kingdom of Hyrule and plus some chills.

The character you are given is a young boy, who has recently died. However, you are given the chance to change your fate by looking through time and figuring out how to stay alive. The aim is to stay alive until 7 am in this creepy, haunted world, but this, of course, won’t be a walk in the virtual park. You’ll be greeted by some ghouls, chasing you around the room until they catch up with you, that is if you can’t keep up the pace. You’ll be given a number of tasks to complete in order to survive and speed up the time it takes to get to 7 am and win back your life.

The pixelated look of this game is so nostalgic. If you’re an 80s or 90s baby you’ll definitely recognise the gameplay format. If you’re looking for a spooky game with a throwback element, this is the one for you! You can download the demo for free at and experience those vintage Halloween vibes.

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