Chip MLBB Build: Best Item, Skill, Emblem, Spell Guide

Who said there are no shortcuts in life?

Chip is a little furry alien who showed up in the Land of Dawn with a big love for machines and mischief. He may seem cute, but he’s surprisingly tough and a clever inventor. His best trick is making portals that can teleport him and his friends all over the map. This makes him great at surprise attacks and helping his team escape danger. Nobody knows where Chip came from or what he’s really up to, but he’s always ready for adventure and a snack!

If you’re looking to add some fast-paced fun and chaos to your support rotation, then the ultimate Chip MLBB Build guide is for you! Whether you’re outsmarting opponents with surprise ganks or scrambling their positioning with well-timed portals, Chip is guaranteed to shake up the battlefield.

Chip MLBB Skills

Passive: Snack Time!

Chip’s a big fan of potato chips. Out of combat, he’ll chow down to regenerate health.

First Skill: Crash Course

Chip overcharges his hovercraft and slams it down, dealing AOE damage and leaving Chip’s mark.

Second Skill: Overtime

Chip dashes forward, gaining extra movement speed and enhancing basic attack, dealing damage to a targeted enemy and briefly knocking them back.

Ultimate: Shortcut

Chip drops the main portal on an enemy hero. He then creates connecting portals near allied heroes and behind the allied base, allowing allies and enemies to teleport to and from the portals.

Why Walk?

Chip has 4 beacons placed around the map at the start of the battle. He can stand on a beacon to activate it, enabling him to teleport to any of his other active beacons. This skill cannot be used in combat.

Chip MLBB Item Build

A list of Chip MLBB best item build as a support in

This build starts with Tough Boots for early magic damage reduction, especially useful against magic-heavy teams. Dominance Ice is your core item, granting mana, cooldown reduction, and a powerful aura that slows down enemy attack speed. Brute Force Breastplate adds physical defence and movement speed to make you tankier and more mobile. Cursed Helmet provides more magic defence along with some area-of-effect damage. Athena’s Shield counters magic bursts with lots of magic defence and a valuable shield. Finally, Immortality gives you a second life if you’re often a target in team fights.

For a more well-rounded Chip, consider Enchanted Talisman for mana and cooldown, Oracle for even stronger shields and heals (plus cooldown), or Fleeting Time for even faster ultimates if your team is snowballing.

Best Chip Item Build in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Immortality

Spare Equipment:

  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Fleeting Time
  • Oracle
A list of Chip's recommended tank emblem build in Mobile Legends

This Custom Tank Emblem build offers a strong balance of survivability and utility for Chip. The HP boost and cooldown reduction ensure he can be active on the battlefield, while Concussive Blast gives his teamfight presence a real punch.

  • Vitality (Talent 1): Increased HP is always valuable for tanky support like Chip, giving him more survivability in the early game.
  • Wilderness Blessing (Talent 2): Provides cooldown reduction, which is essential for Chip to frequently use his abilities to disrupt enemies and aid his team.
  • Concussive Blast (Talent 3): This is a fantastic choice for Chip. His ultimate places him right in the middle of the enemy team, making Concussive Blast’s area-of-effect damage and stun a great tool for initiating fights or controlling dangerous carries.

There’s only one possible change I’d suggest considering:

  • Inspire (Talent 2): If you plan to play Chip very aggressively and utilize his enhanced basic attacks frequently after using Skill 2, Inspire could be a strong option. It increases attack speed significantly for a short duration, letting you dish out more damage.
A flicker icon that is the recommended battle spell for Chip in MLBB

Flicker turns Chip into a super mobile support that can pop up anywhere, start a fight, and then get away safely. It’s the perfect spell for his playstyle!

Here’s why:

  • Flicker lets you teleport right behind enemies before dropping your ultimate portal on them. This makes it much easier to catch enemies off guard and set up kills for your team.
  • Flicker lets you quickly close the distance and start your combos. Flicker in, use your ultimate, then dash to start hitting enemies with enhanced attacks.

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