Cici MLBB Build: Best Item, Skill, Emblem, Spell Guide

Cici and Yoyo… ready to set the stage on fire!

Meet Cici, the yo-yo artist in Mobile Legends, bringing a captivating mix of speed, control, and consistent damage to the battlefield. To truly dominate with Cici, it’s all about nailing her MLBB build.

This Cici MLBB Build guide breaks down the strategic choices for emblems and items, looks into the best battle spells to boost her power, and shares clever tactics to amp up her dominance. By understanding her abilities and choosing the right gear, you’ll be ready to unleash Cici’s full potential, take charge in battles, and leave opponents spellbound.

So, gear up, grab your yo-yo, and get ready to master the art of Cici’s battlefield tricks.

Cici MLBB Skills

Passive: Performer’s Delight

This is Cici’s warm-up act. Every bit of damage dealt fuels her performance, granting bonus movement speed and spell vamp. The more she engages, the smoother her moves, and the harder she hits.

First Skill: Yo-Yo Blitz

Cici unleashes a rapid-fire yo-yo assault, peppering her target with a flurry of strikes. This isn’t just a pretty pirouette – each hit delivers physical damage, and she maintains complete freedom to move and adapt during the performance.

Second Skill: Buoyant Bounce

Cici lunges towards a target, bouncing off them and gaining the ability to jump again based on joystick direction. This is Cici’s escape artist routine, allowing her to waltz in and out of danger with a flourish.

Ultimate: Curtain Call

Cici throws her yo-yo like a lasso, binding enemies together and slowing their escape. This isn’t just a dramatic flourish – it’s a powerful tool for setting up ganks and controlling team fights. While linked, enemies take damage from Cici’s Yo-Yo Blitz, turning the spotlight into a deadly stage.

Cici MLBB Build

A list of Cici MLBB Best Item Build: Tough Boots, War Axe, Brute Force Breastplate, Blade Armor, Athena's Shield, Hunter Strike

Cici’s mastery of the battlefield hinges on two pillars: agility and aggression. This build empowers both. Early on, Tough Boots ensures your graceful movements aren’t CC’ed, while War Axe fuels your yo-yo fury with attack speed and health steal. As the show progresses, Brute Force Breastplate lets you dance into the clash without getting stomped, and Athena’s Shield deflects magical spells that might disrupt your rhythm. The finale? Blade Armor reflects physical attacks at enemies, like karmic yo-yo justice, while Hunter Strike makes you a blur of stinging strikes.

Best Cici Build in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • War Axe
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Blade Armor
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Hunter Strike
A list of Cici Tank Emblem Build: Inspire, Festival Blood, Brave Smite

Cici’s battlefield success hinges on two key factors: mobility and sustain. This Custom Tank Emblem build, featuring Inspire, Festival of Blood, and Brave Smite, optimizes both for maximum effectiveness.


  • Each attack triggers a movement speed boost, enabling Cici to dance through skirmishes, evade enemy attacks, and maintain constant pressure. This enhanced mobility translates to increased attack frequency and enemy control.

Festival Blood

  • Every strike fuels Cici’s health regeneration, transforming her aggression into self-sufficiency. This sustain allows her to engage deeper, take calculated risks, and emerge victorious from extended engagements.

Brave Smite

  • This emblem reduces crowd control duration, minimizing disruption to Cici’s flow. By reducing disabling effects, Cici retains control of the battlefield, dictating the pace of combat and maximizing her offensive potential.

This Custom Tank Emblem build synergistically enhances Cici’s core strengths. Increased mobility translates to enhanced damage output and enemy control, while sustain empowers aggressive play and extends fighting potential. This build transforms Cici into a highly mobile, self-sustaining offensive menace, capable of dictating the battlefield and securing victory through sustained pressure and opportunistic elimination.

Mobile Legends Vengeance icon, recommended battle spell for Cici

Cici shines on the battlefield with Vengeance. Enemies who charge her get slowed down and slapped back with their own damage, fueling her attacks. This shield protects her while making them hesitate. It fuels Cici’s dominance, lets her dance through fights, and turns aggression against them.

In a nutshell, Cici rocks in Mobile Legends because she’s great at moving around, controlling crowds, and dealing consistent damage. This combo lets her take charge in battles, setting the pace and messing with the other team’s plans. With her speed and crowd control moves, she’s hard to catch, and her yo-yo helps her control the fight and punish cocky enemies. Get the hang of Cici’s timing, and you’ll play in a way that’s both effective and cool to watch. For those who want a strong player with some style, Cici’s your go-to for winning in Mobile Legends.

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