Nolan MLBB Guide: Best Item Build, Skills, Emblem

Gaze upon the edge of the void.

Forget boring tanks and predictable mages. Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder, is Mobile Legend’s newest assassin, slicing reality with his sword and leaving fiery cracks that explode in enemies’ faces.

This Nolan MLBB guide dives deep into the heart of his playstyle, revealing the secrets of his unique abilities and crafting strategies to unleash his full potential.

Who is Nolan?

Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder, isn’t your average warrior. He’s a swift, skilled fighter who slices through enemies with his blade, leaving behind trails of crackling rifts that erupt with explosive force.

His past journey through the multiverse honed his agility and precision. He fights with a calculated fury, fueled by both duty and the unwavering love for his daughter, Layla. Every movement, every rift placed, is a deliberate maneuver to dismantle opponents before they know what hit them.

Nolan MLBB Skills

Passive: Dimensional Rift

This fiery slash leaves Rift on the ground. It offers:

  • Explosive Potential. Striking an enemy with the blade triggers the Rift to explode, dealing physical damage and potentially catching additional enemies if positioned strategically.

Cosmic Leap: If he doesn’t deal or take damage for 5 seconds, he enhances his Basic Attack to dash to a target, dealing Physical Damage and leaving a Rift.

First Skill: Expansion

Nolan cuts out a Rift in front of him dealing Physical damage to enemies hit.

Second Skill: Gauge

This skill provides enhanced mobility and another layer of explosive damage:

  • Dash and Rift. Nolan charges forward, leaving a Rift in his wake. Striking an enemy on his way triggers the Rift’s explosion.
  • Escape or Initiate. Use Gauge to close the gap on enemies or escape a dangerous situation.

Ultimate: Fracture

This whirlwind of fiery slashes unleashes Nolan’s full cosmic power.

  • Rapid Damage. Nolan performs three slashes, teleporting between Rifts created with each strike shredding enemies caught within the whirlwind, and debuffing himself.

Nolan MLBB Build

Best Nolan item build Mobile Legends: Tough Boots, Blade of the Heptaseas, Hunter Strike, Blade of Despair, Malefic Roar, Endless Battle

Start with Heptaseas for early physical amp, gold, and wave clear dominance, while Tough Boots shield you from magic damage, keeping you in the fight. Mid-game, Hunter Strike amps your attack speed and lets you weave powerful basic attacks into your combos, while Blade of Despair adds a terrifying crit chance for potential one-hit kills. Late-game, Malefic Roar melts even tank armour, and Endless Battle keeps you in the clash with life steal and faster skill cooldowns. Remember, adapt! Swap Hunter Strike for Malefic Roar for more magic punch or choose Queen’s Wings for extra defense against burst.

Best Nolan Build in Mobile Legends

  • Blade of Heptaseas
  • Tough Boots
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of Despair
  • Malefic Roar
  • Endless Battle
Nolan emblem build, Mobile Legends: Assassin talent with Rupture, Wilderness Blessing, Lethal Ignition

This Custom Assassin Emblem build for Nolan focuses on a more sustained damage and mobility-focused playstyle while still maintaining some burst potential. Let’s break down each choice:


  • This provides 10% extra attack speed after killing an enemy hero. This synergizes well with Nolan’s passive, which already amplifies his basic attack after using skills. With this bonus, you can weave in more attacks during your combos, boosting your overall damage output.

Wilderness Blessing:

  • This increases your movement speed by 10% in the jungle and river (halved in combat). This is particularly useful for Nolan, who enjoys map control and ganking potential. The extra speed helps you rotate quickly between lanes, chase down enemies, and escape ganks with ease.

Lethal Ignition:

  • This enhances your basic attack burn damage against heroes under 50% HP. This adds a nice burst of extra damage against low-health enemies, potentially securing kills or forcing them to retreat. It also makes you a strong finisher during team fights.

Overall strategy:

  • This build encourages a hit-and-run playstyle. Use your skills to poke enemies, wait for their health to drop, and then unleash your enhanced basic attacks with the burn damage from Lethal Ignition to secure kills.
  • The movement speed boost from Wilderness Blessing helps you approach fights swiftly and disengage before taking too much damage.
  • Rupture’s attack speed bonus amplifies your overall damage output, especially during sustained fights.
Mobile Legends Retribution icon, recommended battle spell for Nolan

Retribution shines brightest in the jungle, where Nolan excels at clearing camps and securing objectives like Turtle and Lord. The spell deals true damage to jungle monsters, significantly speeding up your clear time and granting you early level and gold advantages.

This Nolan MLBB Guide has equipped you to dominate every phase of the match. You’ve learned to crush lanes early, weave deadly basic attacks into skill combos, and melt even the toughest tanks with late-game power. But remember, this Nolan MLBB Guide is just a starting point. Experiment, adapt, and find the build that resonates with your playstyle. Whether you prefer to warp time with devastating combos or dominate the battlefield with a relentless assault, Nolan’s time-warping powers offer endless possibilities for mayhem.

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