Sinister Halloween Gets You Jumping in VR


Looking for a spine-chilling VR experience? Sinister Halloween combines life-like thrills with a kill-or-be-killed single-player experience. In this game, where you start your night out with friends in Mountain Peaks, trick or treating, evil soon comes knocking when you realise that a sinister, demonic force lurks over this town, unleashed by a yearly ancient festival. This game’s demo really gets you going. You won’t belong into the game before thinking, ‘Okay, I think I really am going to die here.’ Cheap thrills soon turn into horrific frights as you make your way through this cursed world, fighting off the forces that wish to see you dead. On top of saving yourself, you also are left with the task of saving the entire Mountain Peaks town from these diabolical creatures. Not too much to ask, right?

What’s more, you won’t even need a VR headset for this game, as it can also be played regularly on your PC. But the VR experience is definitely a plus if you’re wanting to jump out of your skin. You can play in two modes: campaign or survival. If you’re looking for a good story, go for the campaign mode. That’s where you’ll hear all about Mountain Peaks and its yearly Halloween festival. However, if you’re looking for a good thrill without all the exposition, try survival. You’ll find yourself among waves and waves of terrors; gigantic tree monsters, haunted cornfields, stomach-turning zombies, the sort of things that are after your head.

And, here comes the best part, the demo is free to download! So, you’ll be getting a spooky Halloween thrill without breaking the bank. You can download the demo and get going! Remember, not all mountain towns are created equal. This one happens to be a little bit utterly cursed. 

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