Diablo Respawned: A Fan-Made Ode to the Original


We love it when fans come together to create something amazing in the name of what they love! And, this year, fans of Diablo have collaborated to make Diablo Respawned; a game which aims to merge all the greatest elements of the franchise’s latest game release and compact it into a shorter experience for players. And, let me tell you, it’s been well executed. For a fan-made game, the graphics quality is actually pretty good, especially for such an early version. While watching some of the gameplay clips, I found myself being really impressed by the detail put into the remakes of some of the characters. Of course, a fan-made production isn’t going to live up to the original game’s quality, but why should it? Home-made games like these are fun and, in a way, it’s pretty heart-warming to see people put so much effort into a project which honours the original.

The game’s soundtrack is also great. The creators decided to compose an original song for the fan-made version, which is available to listen to on YouTube. I’ve got to say, it’s a good tune! Though the game is created in 2D, and has an ARPG-like feel, it still lives up to the original’s main elements. The characters’ movements are currently a little whacky, but bear in mind that this is version 0.0.2, so there’s a lot of improvements that will be made in future versions. Fans of the game on GameJolt are already expressing excitement over this version, and I can see why. The creators have really hustled on this project, and they truly are deserving of praise.

If you want to download the early version of this great fan-made ode to the original Diablo, you can do so for FREE. We’re excited to see where creators will take this game in future versions and will keep you updated as things get better and better.

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