DreadOut is an Indie Horror With A Cultural Twist

Indonesian horror done right.

DreadOut is a solid option for horror fans looking for something a bit outside the norm. Developed in Indonesia, it offers a unique cultural spin on the genre. You play as Linda, a brave high schooler who finds herself in a terrifying situation when a school trip goes horribly wrong. She ends up in an abandoned town full of ghosts, and it’s up to her to survive.

Forget guns or swords. Your main weapon in DreadOut is Linda’s smartphone. Its camera can see ghosts that are invisible to the naked eye. The flash can even stun them for a few moments, giving you space to run or think. This makes the game feel fresh and adds a puzzle-solving element alongside the scares.

DreadOut understands what makes horror games work. The environments are dark and full of detail that hints at something terrible. Sound plays a big part too – footsteps, whispers, and sudden bangs will get your heart racing. The game’s Southeast Asian influences bring a unique flavour to the scares.

Big-budget AAA games aren’t the only place to find great horror. DreadOut proves that a small development team can deliver a genuinely unsettling experience. It’s focused, well-designed, and shows the power of a good idea.

If you’re a horror fan who likes trying new things, DreadOut is a must-play. It’s especially interesting if you enjoy horror with a strong cultural identity. You’ll need patience for some of its quirky mechanics, but the atmosphere and novel approach make it well worth exploring.

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