Remore Infested Kingdom: Fight for Your Survival in a World Gone Mad

A new breed of turn-based RPG.

Remore: Infested Kingdom is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a medieval land that has been ravaged by an infestation. Players take control of a group of survivors as they navigate the world in search of supplies and a safe place to call home.

The game features a challenging combat system that focuses on controlling the battlefield. Players can use a variety of weapons and tools to push and pull enemies, set traps, and trigger battles on their own terms. Enemies are also intelligent and will adapt to player tactics, making for a dynamic and exciting combat experience.

In addition to combat, Remore: Infested Kingdom also features exploration and survival elements. Players will need to scavenge for supplies, manage their resources, and make difficult choices in order to survive in the harsh and unforgiving world.


Remore: Infested Kingdom’s combat system is simple to understand but difficult to master. Players control a group of survivors, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. Players must carefully consider their positioning and actions in order to defeat their enemies.

Game Features

  • Turn-based combat: Players take turns moving and attacking their enemies.
  • Tactical positioning: Players must carefully consider their positioning in order to gain an advantage over their enemies.
  • Variety of weapons and tools: Players have access to a variety of different weapons and tools that can be used to create complex and strategic plays.
  • Intelligent enemies: Enemies in Remore: Infested Kingdom are intelligent and will adapt to player tactics.
  • Exploration and survival: In addition to combat, Remore: Infested Kingdom also features exploration and survival elements. Players must scavenge for supplies, manage their resources, and make difficult choices in order to survive.

Example of a Turn

A player’s turn in Remore: Infested Kingdom typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Move phase: The player can move their characters around the battlefield.
  2. Attack phase: The player can choose to attack an enemy with their character’s weapon.
  3. Use item phase: The player can choose to use an item, such as a potion or a trap.
  4. End turn: The player’s turn ends and the next player begins their turn.


The key to success in Remore: Infested Kingdom is to carefully consider your positioning and actions. You need to be aware of the range of your weapons and the abilities of your enemies. You also need to be able to predict how your enemies will react to your moves.

For example, if you are using a melee weapon, you will need to get close to your enemies to attack them. However, if you are not careful, your enemies could surround you and attack you from all sides.

You can use the environment to your advantage by positioning your characters behind the cover or by using obstacles to block your enemies’ attacks. You can also use traps to damage or disable your enemies.


The story of Remore: Infested Kingdom is set in a medieval land that has been ravaged by an infestation. The infestation has turned the once-thriving land into a desolate wasteland, and the few survivors are struggling to survive.

The player takes control of a group of survivors as they try to find a safe place to call home. The group is led by Willam, a skilled warrior who is determined to protect his loved ones from the dangers of the world.

Along the way, Willam and his companions will encounter a variety of enemies, including the infested themselves, as well as bandits, raiders, and other hostile survivors. They will also need to deal with the harsh elements and the scarcity of resources.

As the group travels deeper into the infested lands, they will learn more about the infestation and its origins. They will also discover that the infestation is not the only threat they face. There are other forces at work in the world, and Willam and his companions must find a way to stop them before it’s too late.

The story is told through a series of cutscenes and dialogue sequences. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the story is engaging and suspenseful.


Remore: Infested Kingdom has a dark and atmospheric art style. The game world is well-detailed and the characters are animated smoothly. The game’s soundtrack is also excellent, and it helps to create the game’s dark and oppressive atmosphere.


Remore: Infested Kingdom is a challenging and rewarding turn-based tactical RPG with a dark and atmospheric story. The game features a deep and engaging combat system, intelligent and adaptable enemies, and a variety of exploration and survival elements. If you are a fan of tactical RPGs, then Remore: Infested Kingdom is definitely worth checking out.

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