Maychelle Farlight 84: Skills, Playstyle, Tips, and Combos

The Rebel Pop Star

Maychelle is the newest hero in Farlight 84, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a former pop star who turned to rebellion after witnessing the injustices of the world. Now, she uses her music and her fighting skills to inspire others and fight for change.

Maychelle is a versatile hero who can be played in a variety of ways. She can be used as a support hero, providing her teammates with protection and firepower. She can also be played as an aggressive hero, using her abilities to initiate fights and take down enemies.

No matter how you choose to play her, Maychelle is a valuable asset to any team. She’s a skilled fighter, a powerful leader, and a symbol of hope for the oppressed.

Maychelle Skills

Rabbit Monitoring 

Maychelle can tell the enemy’s location by listening through her headphones when spotted by the enemy.

Bass Blaster

Maychelle throws mini speakers that automatically attach to surfaces. The speakers emit continuous sound waves that damage enemies on both sides.

Ongoing Show

Maychelle’s ultimate ability allows her to choose a location to raise a rock stage, and teammates on the stage can freely shoot bullets under the protection of the electronic screens. Of course, the strong waves of sound surrounding the stage will carry everyone onto it! Enjoy the show!

Maychelle Playstyle

Maychelle is a support hero, but she can also be played aggressively. Her Ultimate, Ongoing Show, gives her a significant height advantage, and her Bass Blaster can be used to deal long-range damage. Her Rabbit Monitoring is also a powerful weapon that can be used to locate the enemy’s location by listening through her headphones.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use your Ongoing Show to gain height and fire down on enemies.
  • Deploy your Bass Blaster to nuke enemies from afar.
  • Communicate with your teammates and let them know when you are using your abilities so that they can coordinate with you.

Maychelle Combos

  • Maychelle’s Ongoing Show can be used to create a powerful combo with Watchman’s freeze ability. Watchman can slow down enemies in place, and Maychelle can then use her ultimate to gain height and fire down on them.


Violet Funkster

Electric Blues

Maychelle Voicelines

  • “Cute little childstar? You’ve got the wrong girl.”
  • “Rock and roll is all about improvisation.”

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start rockin’ the Farlight 84 battlefield with Maychelle!

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