Stockholm Major – SEA Representatives are now locked in


Stockholm Major SEA representatives are now locked in after six weeks of bloodshed in the DPC SEA Tour 2: Division 1.

After an exhilarating 1st-2nd tiebreaker between Fnatic and BOOM, Fnatic made their way to sit in first place with a dominating series against BOOM, securing 400DPC points. However, BOOM falls in second place.

Meanwhile, for the 3rd-4th tiebreaker between T1 and Polaris Esports, T1 secured the 3rd spot in the major with clean 2:0 series against Polaris Esports.


Stockholm Major is scheduled for May 12-22, where the best of the best teams from the different regions will come and compete for the title. This first major of the year will have an exciting format like Bo2 round robins and double elimination playoffs.


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