Tower of Chaos: The Ultimate Battle for the Afterlife


Are you ready to battle through an afterlife tower filled with chaos? Well, the wait is over! Tower of Chaos is a unique blend of auto battler, risk-and-reward exploration, and rogue-lite gameplay that will take you on an epic journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world filled with tactical battles, captivating quests, and a thrilling story with multiple characters sharing an ambiguous past.

Build Your Army of Champions

As a commander in Tower of Chaos, you have the ultimate power to build an unstoppable army. Recruit your units, forge powerful weapons, and earn the blessings of the mighty Patrons. With the ability to set the most effective formation on the battlefield, you have the key to unlocking endless possibilities. And let’s not forget, special potions can give you the upper hand in battles. But remember, only true leaders know when to engage in a fight.

Master the Tower of Chaos

Your actions at the tower have consequences, and as you conquer each floor, you empower its guardians, making exploration even more dangerous. But with danger comes reward! There are countless opportunities for acquiring precious loot but beware of the path of greed as it could lead to your downfall.

With blueprints in hand, you can shape the tower to your liking. Place buildings that alter your exploration and battle scenarios, and tackle the ultimate challenge – The Gate of Chaos. Are you brave enough to unleash the full destructive potential of the tower?

Uncover the Secrets of the Origins

Every conquest starts at the Guardian’s Quarters, where you’ll meet the inhabitants willing to support your cause. Show your gratitude by upgrading and improving the base for your fellow Patrons, and uncover the secrets hidden in the origins of your allies. Get ready to meet a cast of fully voiced-over characters, and keep your head down, even with a legendary chaos octopus jumping on your forehead!

Tower of Chaos is the perfect blend of strategy and adventure. Get ready to embark on an epic journey, and become the ultimate master of the tower!

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