Apex Legends Mobile Character List


Look for your favourite hero in this Apex Legends Mobile Character List. You can explore and use diverse heroes that fit your play style.

If you enjoyed Apex Legends from Electronic Arts, you’d love to bring the game in your pocket.

The mobile version is currently in its limited release, but this Battle Royale will capture your heart.

Here’s the Apex Legends Mobile Character List:

Apex Bloodhound

S Tier | Abilities – Passive: Tracker / Tactical: Eye of the Allfather / Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

The meltdown in the New Dawn industrial plant killed his two engineer parents, and he was left under the care of his uncle, Artur. Bloodhound incorporated a new method and everything he learned from his uncle about the Old Ways to take down Goliath. He was dubbed as the greatest game hunter in Frontier.

With his excellent tracking skills, no enemy can ever escape him.


S Tier | Abilities – Passive: Gun Shield / Tactical: Dome of Protection / Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

After his father lost an arm in saving him and his friend, Gibraltar learned the importance of protecting others. As a son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers, he is skilled enough to help get others out of dangerous situations.

His giant physique will protect and act as armour for his teammates as a tank.


A Tier | Abilities – Passive: Combat Revive / Tactical: D.O.C. Heal Drone / Ultimate: Care Package

After learning about her the damage caused by her family, the 24-year old Ajay Che (aka Lifeline) enlisted in the Frontier Corps to help in volunteer work. Her winnings from Apex Games helped fund Frontier Corps.

As a combat medic, she will aid her fallen teammates in battles.


B Tier | Abilities – Passive: Insider Knowledge / Tactical: Grapple / Ultimate: Zipline Gun

MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) or Pathfinder is an optimistic machine searching for its creator. With the hopes of finding getting the attention of his creator, he joined Apex Games.

Amidst his given circumstance, Pathfinder will be enthusiastic enough to lead you the way. Be cautious; this robot can shoot!


A Tier | Abilities – Passive: Voices from the Void / Tactical: Into the Void / Ultimate: Dimensional Rift

Wraith (aka Renee Blassey) woke up in an IMC detention with no idea of who she was. She is a whirlwind fighter, and she can control spacetime. She takes part in Apex Games to understand herself by knowing her past.

Her ability will allow her teammates to know about nearby threats and enemies.


B Tier | Abilities – Passive: Double Time / Tactical: Smoke Launcher / Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

Together with her parents and four older brothers, Anita Williams (aka Bangalore) serves in the IMC. He saw her brother Jackson die after shielding her when the IMS Hestia was attacked. She crashed on a Syndicate planet and joined the Apex Games to save up and be reunited with her family.

With her military background, a frontline warrior can protect and attack—absolutely a perfect combo for a legend.


B Tier | Abilities – Passive: Nox Vision / Tactical: Nox Gas Trap / Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade

An intelligent scientist from the Humbert Labs, Alexander Nox, aka Caustic, needs a living subject—humans—to develop the perfect pesticide. This motivated him to join Apex Games, where he could freely text his gaseous creation.

As a murderous scientist, he will use smoke and traps for hunting every rival in the Apex games.


C Tier | Abilities – Passive: Now You See Me / Tactical: Psyche Out / Ultimate: Life of the Party

Her mother, an engineer, introduced him to the illusion-creating tech—Holo-Pilot technology. To get everybody’s attention, he mastered the art of fooling around. He was also a part-time bartender. This way, he heard good stories about the Apex Games and was very interested in joining. Unfortunately, he knows that he cannot leave his mother. However, to show her support for his son’s dream, his mother gave him a set of customized holo devices.

With his charming personality, Mirage brings so much witty humour to make the mood lighter.


A Tier | Abilities – Passive: Swift Mend / Tactical: Stim / Ultimate: Jump Pad

Octavio Silva (Octane) is the son of Silva Pharmaceuticals’ CEO. One day, he was very bored, so he made fun by performing stunts, which is also for his fans. Unfortunately, a stunt he performed caused damage to his legs. Disappointed with this news, he asked Ajay Che (Lifeline) to make a pair of bionic legs. He decided to join Apex Games to become a champion. In this way, maybe boredom won’t bother him.

Octane’s abilities allow him to move and rotate swiftly, making him harder to hit.

There are many incredible characters in Apex Legends Mobile, but prepare yourself for more once the official release comes around.

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