Lil Guardsman – A whimsical adventure game

Guard the gate, guard the kingdom. The fate of Sprawl rests in your hands.

Lil Guardsman is a whimsical game that is like a mix of solving puzzles, telling stories, and figuring things out. You play as Lil, a twelve-year-old who unexpectedly becomes the gatekeeper for the magical kingdom of Sprawl. Armed with a notebook, a shaky lie detector, and a good eye, Lil has to figure out the intentions of over 100 different characters, like humans, elves, goblins, and cyclopes.

Lil Guardsman Review

The game is all about asking questions and thinking hard. You need to use your eyes to spot when someone’s not telling the truth, solve clues, and use your tools to find out what each visitor is really up to. The choices you make in the game affect the story and what happens to the kingdom.

What makes Lil’ Guardsman special is its awesome characters. Each one is made with a lot of care and has its own personality and secret plans. The writing in the game is clever and funny, mixing humour and heart to make the game really fun. You can play the game again and again, making different choices each time to see new parts of the story.

The game doesn’t have the fanciest graphics, but they’re cute and do a good job of showing the magical world. The music in the game adds to the feeling of being in a different place and makes it even more fun.

In short, Lil’ Guardsman is a really fun game for people who like solving puzzles, going on adventures in stories, and meeting interesting characters. It’s a game you can play more than once, and it’s a great addition to your collection on Steam.

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