Can You Find the Hidden Cats in Georgia?

The purrfect test for your eyes.

If you adore hidden object games with a dose of cuteness, get ready to add “Cats Hidden in Georgia” to your collection! This latest instalment joins the popular “Cats Hidden in…” series by Travellin Cats, inviting you to explore the unique landscapes and culture of Georgia while seeking out cleverly concealed kitties.

What Makes the “Cats Hidden in…” Series Special

Fans already know and love these charming games. Here’s a quick reminder of what makes them a delight:

  • Global Adventures: Visit destinations like Bali, Paris, and more – all filled with intricate hand-drawn details.
  • Adorable Challenge. The cute visuals don’t mean it’s easy! Train your eyes to spot those cleverly hidden cats.
  • Wholesome Fun. Perfect for casual gamers, puzzle enthusiasts, and cat lovers of all ages.

Why “Cats Hidden in Georgia” is a Must-Play

  • Experience a New Culture. Delve into the architecture, landmarks, and atmosphere of the fascinating country of Georgia.
  • Fresh Scenery, Fresh Challenge. Even fans of the series will face a new, exciting hunt within the Georgian setting.
  • Continue the Feline-Finding Fun. If you loved the previous games, you’ll adore this charming addition.

Get Ready to Explore Georgia

“Cats Hidden in Georgia” launches on Steam on February 11, 2024. Add it to your wishlist now!

Are you a fan of the “Cats Hidden in…” series? Which location has been your favourite to explore so far?

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