Plants vs Zombies 3 Sprouts in Soft Launch: Available Now (But Not Everywhere)

Zombies are coming!

Get ready to defend your lawn, because Plants vs Zombies 3 has officially soft-launched in selected countries!

This early access phase is currently available in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Philippines, and the Republic of Ireland. If you live in one of these lucky regions, head over to the Google Play Store to download the game and join the leafy resistance.

What’s new in PvZ 3?

  • Episodic adventure. Fight your way through themed chapters, each with unique challenges and zany surprises.
  • Fresh landscapes: Explore vibrant beaches, spooky underwater realms, and more!
  • New plant pals: Collect and upgrade a whole new cast of botanical buddies with special abilities.
  • Crafty zombies: Face off against new undead variations and obstacles that’ll test your strategic skills.

Why is this important?

The soft launch is your chance to play early and help shape the future of Plants vs Zombies 3! EA is actively gathering player feedback, so every action you take in the game counts. Share your thoughts and suggestions to make PvZ 3 the best it can be.

Ready to sprout?

If you’re in one of the participating countries, grab your gardening gloves and get ready to:

  • Download the game from the Google Play Store.
  • Join the PvZ 3 community on social media.
  • Stay tuned for updates and the official full release date.

Spread the word, plant some seeds, and defend your lawn! The zombie hordes await, and the future of Zomburbia rests in your hands.

P.S. While the full release date is still under wraps, keep your eyes peeled for official announcements from EA. Happy planting!

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