Pokemon Unite Gameplay, Tips, and Tricks

Unleash the power of your Pokémon, master team strategy and score goals to rise to victory.
Megan Dobson

Pokemon Unite brings the battling world of Pokémon to your phone, tablet, PC, or Nintendo through an exciting free MOBA game. In this article, we will be taking a look into the world of Pokémon Unite, looking at gameplay, and builds, and offering a trick or two to new players. 

Pokemon Unite Gameplay

Unlike most Pokémon games, Pokémon Unite gameplay doesn’t have too much of a story narrative-wise. Pokémon Unite focuses mainly on battling.  Choosing between ranked or casual matches, players can team with friends or align with matched strangers in a team of five.

Attacking wild and opponent Pokémon, you gather XP to level your Pokémon up whilst also gathering energy to score goals. Scoring goals against the opponent destroys the goal and the team destroying the most goals, with the highest points wins. This makes Pokémon Unite gameplay all that more exciting.

in game battling

The map design and layout of goals call for teams to think tactically about working together. Included are opportunities for collaboration with chat log and mic features. The map locations change, but the map designs themselves tend to stay the same. It can be a little repetitive, but for a free game, the map design is genuinely well-made.  

The game is visually good looking, its frame rate and animation well thought out and visually interesting. Gone are the days of 2D flashing graphics and hitting noises, in this game you physically see the moves being made. This gives a small insight into how these moves would work in the real world.

The Pokémon aesthetics are every Poké-fan’s dream, with the chance to customize your Pokémon with costumes and special items. The 3D design makes for a satisfying watch and really contributes to bringing these Pokémon to life. Seeing that you can obtain the original three Pokémon starters (Charizard, Venosaur and Blastoise), a real sense of nostalgia definitely flows through pre-established Pokémon players, adding a great touch in Pokémon Unite gameplay specifically for us fans. 

Charizard costume customisation

Pokemon Unite Builds

During the battle, mini-bosses, such as Rayquazza or Zapdos, allow your team to score big points. Your choices are important in team composition, so when choosing your Pokémon, keep an eye out for what others have chosen. A balanced team makes for a prepared team. But ultimately, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you.

A defence Pokémon or ranged attacker is great as cannon fodder. Also extra support in boss battles or when protecting other players making a goal. An attacker or speedster is great for offensive play. whatever the build you choose, I suggest collaborating with your team first.  But most importantly, have fun. 

Tips and Tricks

When playing Pokémon Unite, one thing that became evident fairly quickly was that the game genuinely requires teamwork. It may be time to reconsider if you believe that steamrolling through as a solo hero will win you the game. I found that getting overwhelmed by other players’ grouping to make a stronger attack will easily overwhelm you.

I would recommend following one path with an ally or two while the rest of your team focuses on another. Especially as there are no type advantages, you may feel fighting a fire with a water type will be an easy win. Not with Pokémon Unite. 

Playing Unite offers only two base moves and an ultimate, and as you level up you will automatically evolve. When farming wild Pokémon, you have the opportunity to test these moves out. But with the fast-paced nature of the game, and the quickness of battles commencing against opponent Pokémon, it is tempting to take a Tekken approach and mash buttons hoping for the best. While a solid strategy for some, the type of Pokémon you are using determines the strategy you should go for.

Overall, Pokemon Unite’s gameplay is well-crafted and designed. The game looks good, runs well, and has an interesting battling system unique to the Pokémon world. The Pokémon look faithful to the original concepts of the Pokémon they have included and act fluidly, thought of carefully to bring the Pokémon to life.

Balance, Composition, and Teamwork drive the game, and the ranked system adds more competition. If you are looking to see if Pokémon Unite is for you, I would definitely recommend it. As a free game, you won’t lose out. 

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