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The disguise won't hide the surprise!
Jamie Clarke

Mimikyu is a unique Pokemon – like a horror version of Pikachu, with a swirly, almost drawn-on look to their eyes, and the cheeks of Pikachu, but not the right shade of yellow. Mimikyu is a ghost form of a Pokémon, allowing it to shapeshift into different Pokémon’s when hit, or use an ability called “Disguise” to avoid damage.

Mimikyu is one of the highest rated Pokémon in Pokemon Unite, being classed at the “SS” rank. Mimikyu costs 13000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Mimikyu Abilities

Basic Attack

Can be boosted with every third attack. Can have two strikes that increase AOE.

Mimikyu is best in one-on-one fights. They can attack both from hiding places, or full frontal assaults, allowing for Mimikyu to do high amounts of damage, quickly.

Passive Ability: Disguise

Mimikyu will take a disguised form. Takes reduced damage when hit. They also place a “revenge mark” on enemy Pokémon when hit. When in sight of marked Pokémon, speed and damage increase. 

First Skill: Astonish 

Astonish is an ability where Mimikyu uses the power of shout to damage enemies. When leveling up, there are two options you can choose at level 5:

Upgrade Choice 1: Play Rough

Mimikyu dashes, and upon contact with another Pokémon, latches onto them and deals damage while slowing them down. Attack that closes down distance quickly and that does high damage.

Upgrade Choice 2: 

Slash attack that slows an enemy Pokemon down with each hit. Each hit restores Mimikyu’s own HP. Useful for more aggressive players.

Second Skill: Scratch

A mix of “Shadow Claw” and “Play Rough”. Mimikyu dashes forward, and slashes. If making contact with another Pokémon, they are slowed down. 

Scratch Level 7 Upgrade Choices:

Upgrade Choice 1: Shadow Sneak

Extends a shadow. If it hits a Pokémon, it becomes a shadow target that allows for additional damage. When in the grass, Shadow Sneak is boosted. 

Upgrade Choice 2: Trick Room

Teleports Mimikyu to a square-like AOE. When inside, Mimikyu cancels out slow debuffs and gains speed equal to debuff. Receives half damage than normal. Useful in tricky fights. 

Unite Move

Mimikyu’s Unite Move is called “Play With Me…” and is a move that unlocks at level 9. When activated, Mimikyu will leap at an enemy Pokemon and trap them, damaging them over time – with a maximum of 7 hits. Mimikyu is also granted a shield that, if broken, will stop the attacks. It is highly powerful, even countering “Unstoppable.”

Mimikyu Playstyle

Mimikyu will best suit players who prefer critical hits and aggressive strategies. For your early uses of Mimikyu, you can use combos with Scratch and Shadow claw to allow for early game damage, quick knockouts, and pressure on opponents when in a lane.

Shadow sneak can also be used for surprise attacks from grass, and to close the gap between yourself and opponents to get the first few hits within a fight.

Ability Build/Combinations

Each build can be more successful in different lanes. However, some of the best build combinations can be found below.

For example, a build with a focus on Shadow Claw and Trick Room will be best fit for the Bottom Lane. Allowing for you to dominate with the claws decreasing the opponents speed, and then Trick Room for increased speed and reduced damage.

While another, combining Shadow Sneak and Shadow Claw, are more favourable for the Top Lane. Allowing for the healing capabilities of Shadow Sneak to keep you alive and in the fight, mixed with the damage of Shadow Sneak and Shadow Claw.

These different combinations of the best builds for different lanes allow for Mimikyu to be a formidable opponent in most areas of battle. But, with the choices and options for combinations, the player can also express themselves and make their Mimikyu their own version, still being a fast fighter with massive amounts of damage, but still different than other people’s due to these choices of upgrade paths and which abilities to use during a battle.

Early game with Mimikyu, it is advised that you farm Wild Pokémon, before reaching Level 7 and then going further on the aggressive play. As you will have more abilities such as Shadow Sneak/Shadow Claw, allowing for you to go further on the offensive and deal more damage, but also be able to heal when you need to. Meaning that you have less chance of being knocked out by opponents.

Item Build and Combinations

In terms of Held Items:

  • Attack Weight or Muscle Band are particularly useful for damage – with Muscle Band being one that pairs well with Shadow Claw as well for a big boost.
  • Charging Charm will aid Shadow Sneak, giving Mimikyu more mobility and damage. Float Stone helps with Play Rough with mobility and damage getting a boost as well.
  • And for defence, Focus Band gives a boost to defence – allowing for extra defence when below 25% Health.

Mimikyu Strength and Weaknesses


  • Melee-based Pokemon – Can be disabled easily and lose the ability to fight or heal 
  • Disguise Ability – Loses disguise ability and benefits that come with it when lost. Vulnerable.
  • Unite Form – Damage is only done by you to entrapped Pokemon. Shield can break easily and cancel damage and can be left exposed.


  • Increased Damage – When targets are marked, either by “Revenge Mark” or “Shadow Sneak”
  • Ability to hone damage on a single target – Through the Unite Move and “Play Rough” ability. 
  • Healing – Can heal with certain abilities that reward aggressive strategy


For players who want a Pokemon that can deal high amounts of damage, heal from aggressive play, and be able to divide the battlefield, Mimikyu is the one for you! With the ability to attack from both the shadows, and afar, no Pokemon is far from the reach of Mimikyu and their claws, or even belly!

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