Steam Year in Review 2023: See How Much You Gamed in 2023

How much time did you spend in gaming this 2023?

Forget boring yearbooks, gamers! Steam Year in Review 2023 is like your personalized gaming trophy case, shining a light on all the epic battles won (and rage-quits survived) this year. Did you slay dragons in Elden Ring or build a Stardew Valley empire? It’s all there, ready to remind you of the pixelated worlds that stole your time and maybe your heart.

Let’s relive your 2023 gaming journey!

How to see Steam Year in Review 2023

Through Banner

Open Steam and look for a flashy banner on the Store page. Click it, and boom, you’re in!

Steam Year in Review 2023 Banner

Direct Link

No banner? No worries! Just head to and log in. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Share the fun! 

Bragging rights are welcome! Click the share buttons to show off your stats on Steam, Facebook, or wherever you hang out online.

How to Share Your Steam Year in Review 2023

What You’ll See in Steam Year in Review 2023

  • Your playtime by month
  • Games you played that were new releases
  • Spider graph of game genre you spent the most time in 2023
  • Games you played this 2023

Your most played genres

Discover which games captured your attention the most and see which adventures stole your heart (and most importantly, your time).

Achievement Hoarder

How many did you unlock? Did you conquer challenges or let them pile up like digital trophies?

Check your Steam Year in Review 2023 Highlight

Your Year in Review covers January to December 14th, 2023, so those epic holiday gaming marathons might not be there yet. But hey, that just gives you something to look forward to in next year’s review!

So, fellow gamer, dive into Steam Year in Review 2023! Compare stats with friends, laugh at your embarrassing achievement names, and celebrate all the pixelated memories you made in 2023.

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