A Complete Online Mobile Legends Guide in 2023 And Beyond


In this online Mobile Legends guide, you’ll discover one of the top mobile games in Southeast Asia with a vast player base. It currently sits as the most prominent Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game alongside other giants such as League of Legends, Wild Rift, Dota 2, and Arena of Valor.

Thinking about starting your Mobile Legends journey? You’re in the right place! This complete online Mobile Legends guide will introduce you to the essential know-how to ace it. So prepare your mobile phones, install the game, and let the battle commence!

Mobile Legends Loading Screen (Ver. 1.7.46)

In a nutshell, the basics of Mobile Legends

Just like any other MOBA game, you assume the role of a character in the game called “hero” for every match. You will control your selected hero’s movement and cast their skills using the buttons indicated on your screen.
There are different game modes in Mobile Legends but the most popular ones are the “Classic” and “Ranked” game modes, both of which involve two teams with five members. The main objective is to destroy the enemy team’s base by pushing through lanes with defensive towers called “turrets”.

The game’s battlefield or map consists of three lanes: the “top”, “mid”, and “bottom” lanes. Minions walk through these lanes from their spawn point (team’s base). Heroes can kill these minions to earn gold and exp.

Mobile Legends Lanes
Mobile Legends Map

In between these lanes are jungle areas where heroes can get extra gold or exp by killing neutral monsters.
Earning gold from killing minions, monsters, or enemy heroes will enable you to purchase items that eventually lead to the crafting of builds to enhance your heroes’ damage or defence.

Now that you have an overview of the game, continue reading this comprehensive online Mobile Legends guide to know the game’s nitty-gritty.

What are Heroes and Classes in Mobile Legends?

Heroes are the most integral element in Mobile Legends as they are the only entities over which players have direct control. Every hero has unique abilities or skills that players should be familiar with to outpower their enemies.
Heroes are categorized into “classes” depending on their respective abilities and roles. There are heroes that are reliable in bursting damage while some are good at protecting their allies. There are also those that specialize in ranged combat and some in melee attacks.

Players have to select the hero they will assume throughout the match

Since we love helping newbies to learn every aspect of the game, this online Mobile Legends guide provided detailed descriptions for every Hero Class.


Mages deal burst magic damage to enemies through their ranged abilities. These heroes mostly rely on their skills rather than their basic attacks. For this reason, mages are also known as “spell-casters” since their main advantage depends on the burst damage they can inflict on their enemies in early to mid-game.

Although mages are good damage dealers, the main caveat in using them is their “squishiness”. They suffer extreme damage once they receive attacks from the enemy. Thus, mages should always maintain their distance from their enemy and their allies must protect them. Moreover, since mages are skill-reliant heroes, they are nearly useless when their skills are on cooldown. Their basic attacks only inflict minimal damage to the enemy so it’s best to wait for their skills to be available again before fighting.

Some mages also have crowd-control abilities (disabling hero movement or skills) that are helpful in protecting their allies.

Examples of Mages: Gord, Eudora, Cyclops, Zhask, Odette, Vexana, Lylia, Lunox, etc.


If Mages have weak attack damage, marksmen are the complete opposite. These heroes inflict damage through ranged basic attacks. They are often considered the team’s ADCs or Attack Damage Carry.

Marksmen because of their high DPS (Damage per second) which means that they can inflict damage on their enemies quickly. Thus, they are the team’s main “attacker”. For this reason, they are crucial in achieving objectives such as destroying turrets or killing the most significant neutral monster called “Lord”.

However, marksmen are also squishy as mages. They are also vulnerable due to their low defence and health stats. Hence, marksmen should be placed behind its teammate so they can deal ranged damage far from the enemy’s reach.

Marksmen are also characterized by their low Crowd Control (CC). They are also very late-game dependent because it takes time to acquire gold for purchasing the items necessary to improve their attack damage.

Examples of Marksmen: Layla, Karrie, Moskov, Irithel, Wanwan, Miya, etc.


Tanks are known for their durability and ability to sustain enemy attacks. They have high defence or health stats that enable them to lead charges. They also protect their ally mages or marksmen by absorbing incoming damage.

Most tanks have high Crowd Control (CC) that is useful when the teams are initiating an aggressive attack or when they are retreating.

Unfortunately, tanks are not the best when it comes to inflicting damage. They have low damage stats making them unreliable in providing burst damage to enemies or pushing enemy turrets.

Examples of Tanks: Grock, Gloo, Baxia, Hylos, Belerick, etc.


Fighters are melee heroes known for their great balance of defensive and offensive attributes. They can inflict sufficient damage on enemies while enjoying some durability. Some fighters take the role of burst damage dealers while some act as semi-tanks. Fighters are usually “late-gamers” which means that they are more dangerous as the match progresses.

The main downside of using fighter heroes is their inability to inflict damage at a safe distance from enemies. Since they are close-ranged heroes, they need to be close to their target to attack them. Furthermore, unlike mages or marksmen, their scope of the damage is pretty small which means that they can only inflict damage on a few enemies

Examples of Fighters: Alucard, Balmond, Freya, Lapu-Lapu, Paquito, Yu Zhong, etc.


Assassins are the most mobile heroes in the game. Their main advantage lies in their ability to instantly inflict lethal damage on enemies, especially squishy, such as mages or marksmen. You can think of assassins as hunters that look for potential prey and wait for the perfect timing and opportunity to devour them quickly.

Assassins are the best counter to mages or marksmen. Once an assassin comes close to these types of heroes, it’s just a matter of time to kill them.

Some cons in using assassins are the following: They are weak against tank heroes because of their high defence stats. Similar to mages and marksmen, assassins are squishy heroes that have low defence or health stats. Finally, they usually have low crowd control abilities, making them unreliable during clashes.

Examples of Assassins: Lancelot, Hanzo, Saber, Helcurt, Gusion, etc.


The role of support heroes is to help and protect their allies either through their buff abilities or by sacrificing themselves. Supports can also debuff or disable enemies so allies can kill them. Supports are not focused on killing enemies but on assisting their teammates. For this reason, marksmen usually go with support heroes to maximize the team’s offence and defence.

Supports are squishy champions which makes them an easy target for enemies. Moreover, they also deal little damage to enemies, which makes them bad offensive heroes.

Examples of Support: Angela, Rafaela, Lolita, Faramis, Estes, etc.

Every hero has four unique abilities – three active and one passive. Active skills are those that you can activate by clicking the round buttons at the screen’s lower right portion. These active skills are ordered from top to bottom with the topmost skill as the “ultimate” one.

What is the Mobile Legends Battlefield: Lanes, turrets, and minimap

The battlefield of the Classic and Rank game has three lanes that stretch from one team’s base to another. Each lane has three turrets that you’re supposed to destroy before reaching the enemy’s base. You cannot just plainly charge a turret and attack it because it inflicts extreme damage. You need the help of your team’s minions so they can absorb the turret’s attack while pushing it. Your enemies will also defend their turret so be careful when pushing.

Mobile Legends Turrets
Mobile Legends Turrets

Meanwhile, you can use the mini-map located at the bottom left of your screen. It shows you the positions of your enemies that are within your line of sight. You can also view the sites of neutral monsters so you can easily go to them if you need to farm.

The game’s minimap is located at the upper left-hand portion of the screen

What are minions in Mobile Legends?

Minions spawn every 30 seconds and walk through the lanes. They start appearing 1 minute and 5 seconds after the match starts. Killing enemy minions grants you gold and exp so it’s best to farm minions as early as possible to acquire sufficient funds to buy items.

There are three different types of minions in the game:

  • Infantry Minions – melee minions that use swords. Quite durable compared to other minion types.
  • Lancer Minions – ranged minions that use magic wands as weapons. Can inflict more damage on heroes compared to infantry minions.
  • Siege Minions – these minions are riding a vehicle to move and use a crossbow to attack. It is the largest minion which inflicts more damage compared to infantry and lancer minions.

A minion wave usually consists of 1 lancer and 2 infantry minions. As the battle progresses, the wave composition changes into 1 lancer, 1 infantry, and 1 siege minion.

What does jungle mean in Mobile Legends?

In between the battlefield’s lanes is the jungle where you can cut to reach other lanes. There are neutral monsters around the jungle which you can farm to get gold and experience. Some also provide bonuses such as health regeneration. Unlike other MOBA games, there’s no such “jungle hero” in Mobile Legends but there are some heroes that are more capable of exploiting jungle monsters than others.

Here are some of the neutral monsters in the game:

  • Fire Beetle – Grants a few gold and exp, turns into “little Kramer” that lives for less than a minute only.
  • Horned Lizard – Ranged monster that gets more durable as its health points get lower.
  • Lava Golem – Once killed, the hero gets some healing buff
  • Crab – killing this monster provides you with a gold buff.
  • Lithowanderer – This monster never retaliates to your attacks. After killing it, the hero gets additional movement speed.
  • Thunder Fenrir – This monster grants the Purple buff upon killing it which reduces cooldown duration and improves mana regeneration.
  • Molten Fiend – This monster grants the Orange buff upon killing it which provides additional true damage and slows enemies.
  • Turtle – Killing this monster gives you the turtle buff that provides a shield, additional damage, and gold buff.
  • Lord – This is the most important neutral monster of the game. Killing the Lord enhances your team’s minion strength and health.

What are items and builds in Mobile Legends?

The gold you have earned from killing minions, monsters, or enemy heroes is used to purchase in-game items that enhance your hero’s s offensive or defensive stats. A set of items that you will purchase is called a build.

The game recommends the items and builds for your heroes but you may also adjust them. You can purchase in-game items anytime and anywhere as long as you have sufficient gold.

Understanding your hero’s strengths will help you decide what build is necessary. For instance, if you are using a mage such as Eudora that heavily relies on magic damage, then your items should be focused on improving magic damage. Item builds such as Genius Wand, Divine Glaive, and Lightning Truncheon work best with mages.

What are the spells in Mobile Legends?

Spells are additional abilities that players can use. They don’t consume mana but go into cooldown once used. Only one spell is available per player.

Here are the latest Mobile Legends spells:

  • Execute – deals true damage (ignores shield/armour) to the enemy hero.
  • Retribution – deals true damage to monsters or minions
  • Inspire – Increases attack speed and grants additional physical defence
  • Sprint – improves hero’s movement speed and grants immunity from enemy slow abilities
  • Revitalize – restores health and improves health regeneration
  • Aegis – grants shield for 5 seconds
  • Petrify – deals magic damage to enemies and stunning them.
  • Purify-  grants immunity from crowd control and removes existing CC to hero
  • Vengeance – 40% of Damage incurred by the hero deals magic damage to the enemy.
  • Arrival – teleports to ally turrets, minions, or base, grants additional movement speed.
  • Flicker – instantly moves at a short distance, improves physical and magic defence
  • Flameshot – throws a flaming shot dealing magic damage to enemies.

What are emblems in Mobile Legends?

If League of Legends have runes while Arena of Valor has enchantments, Mobile Legends utilizes the emblem system that heroes can equip to improve their stats and abilities slightly. Currently, there are nine different emblem sets in the game. Beginner players will receive two sets of common emblems and the remaining seven will be available once they reach level 10.

Each emblem set has specific additional bonuses.

Common emblem sets include:

  • Physical emblem set: additional damage, physical or magical defence, movement speed, and critical chance.
  • Magical emblem set: additional mana, additional health, faster mana regeneration, increased magic penetration, increased cooldown reduction

Meanwhile, here are the customisable emblem sets:

  • Tank emblem set – improves physical and magical defence, health points, cooldown reduction, and health regeneration.
  • Jungle emblem set – improves attack speed, physical attack, movement speed, and health points
  • Assassin emblem set – additional physical penetration, physical attack, critical chance, cooldown reduction, and movement speed
  • Mage emblem set – grants magic penetration, magic power, cooldown reduction, spell vamp, and movement speed.
  • Marksman emblem set – additional physical attack, attack speed, physical penetration, physical lifesteal, and critical chance
  • Support emblem set – improves cooldown reduction, movement speed, health points, and hybrid stats.
  • Fighter emblem set: additional physical attack, physical defence, magic defence, and physical penetration.

Online Mobile Legends Guide and Tips for Beginners

This online Mobile Legends Guide will be lacking if we’re unable to provide you with some tips you can use to give your maximum gaming potential. After learning the game’s basics, it’s time now to train yourself and know some techniques so you can outsmart your enemies. We provide you with six tips to keep in mind to get better at Mobile Legends.

  • Concentrate on pushing towers, not only on killing enemies

While killing enemy heroes grants you gold and exp (and of course, makes you look a good player), the deciding fate of the game relies on which team can destroy the base. The team that can push the tower more effectively has a higher chance of destroying the base.

Most players get excited chasing enemies or roaming the jungle. Thus, they neglect the responsibility of pushing towers. Don’t fall into this trap. As much as possible, push the towers and kill enemy heroes only if necessary.

  • Use the minimap

Map awareness is really important to prepare incoming enemy ganks or to respond immediately to your allies in distress. Furthermore, keep track of which enemy heroes are present in the minimap or not so you can give attention to your teammates.

  • Make use of the game chat or voice chat

A team that communicates well, wins the battle. If you are a tank or a fighter and you want to initiate a clash, then you must inform your teammates beforehand so they can respond. If you are a mage or marksman that needs some allies’ protection, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. Similarly, be attentive to your allies’ call for assistance and be prepared to heed.

Game chat or voice chat is there to improve your team’s communication and not for trash-talking or throwing insults. Blabbering nonsense will only distract your teammates so make sure to use these communication lines only if needed.

  • Play your role

If you are tasked as the team’s support, don’t be a prick and steal your teammates’ kills. Always adhere to the role assigned to you to ensure team dynamics. Make sure to call out also your teammates who are not acting their supposed roles.

  • Know the current game’s META

META stands for “Most Effective Tactics Available”. This means using the heroes that are advantageous in the current game’s patch. It’s difficult to keep track of the game META because the game is regularly updated with corresponding hero buffs or nerfs. Thus, make sure to read each released patch to get an idea of which heroes might be benefited from the recent update.

  • Watch professional Mobile Legends Gamers

Reading online mobile legends guides is not enough to boost your understanding of the game mechanics, strategies, and META. Watching pro gamers gives you some insight into how to take advantage of your hero’s capabilities and improve your overall gameplay. They also employ different strategies to be more efficient in gold and exp gathering which you can adapt and use.

Final Words

That’s it! You are now ready to enter the battlefield and start your Mobile Legends journey. We hope that our comprehensive online Mobile Legends Guide helped you understand the game’s fundamentals. Keep in mind that with consistent practice and determination as well as a good mobile device, you can be one of the most performing ML players. Of course, that will take time to achieve so for now, just sit tight, play the game, and enjoy the Land of Dawn!

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