TODAY: New Seasonal Rank Update


Like you, I’ve always wanted to improve my medal rank in DOTA. Thanks for the new Ranked Season update of DOTA today!

You could be just 10 thrilling games away from an improved rating as the new Ranked Season of DOTA kicks off TODAY. Just think of those exciting solid performances to come, knowing your future is in your own hands, and the value of your new medal can’t go down. In fact, these new measurements will create a substantial change in your all-round position, depending on ambition. So why not give it good go? Who knows – you may even become immortal.


It doesn’t matter if you do shitty things in-game. Your performance during the game won’t affect the calibration medal you’ll get so whatever role you play; carry, support, offlane, midlane, or even feeder. Just win the game – that’s what matters.

Source: DOTA2wykrhmreddy

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