Top 5 Indie Games in Steam Summer Sale 2024

Warning: This sale may cause extreme excitement and uncontrollable addition of games to your library.
Sam Bradley

The Steam Summer Sale 2024 is now on! With thousands of games discounted, there is no better time to shop. We’ve curated 5 of the top Indie games we feel should be in your Steam library from today onwards! And best of all, this entire list won’t even set you back $20! With the cheapest game being only $2, there is something for everyone on this list. 

An image of a woman with long red hair reaching up towards  strawberry. the art style is hand drawn and with heavy shadow. another woman sits to the left of the image. she is a darker version of the main red haired woman. to the right a man is tapped in a mirror with a shattered screen.


What would an Indie Game top 5 list be without mentioning Celeste, and this time it’s on Sale! With 90% off in the Steam summer sale, there is no better time to get Celeste. Join Madeline on a quest up a mountain in this incredible pixel platforming adventure. 

Learn simple mechanics and watch as they become something more. It is a game that requires quick reflexes and immaculate timing to complete some of the games’ more challenging levels. But don’t worry, you can experience it all with assist mode. No one wants to miss out on the well-written story, and an amazing soundtrack. Join Madeline on an adventure up the Celeste mountain and experience a story like no other. With deep internal conflicts brought to life, you can join Madeine on this cathartic experience. We all have our own mountains to climb, in this case, a literal one too.

90% Off Celeste on Steam

Hollow Knight

a dark image with a caped figure with a white skull stands on the left of the frame. the art style is cartoon and hand drawn. There are some black bd white plants that fill the rest of the image as the figure seems to walk down the forest path.

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania-style game, Set in the eerie, hand-drawn world of Hallownest. the experience provides stunning visuals and a deeply spooky soundtrack. Each area is uniquely beautiful, from the lush Greenpath to the sombre City of Tears. The game features tight controls and challenging combat, where players explore a vast, interconnected kingdom filled with secrets. As you progress, you can get upgrades like the Dash ability and double jumps throughout the game. This helps to keep exploration and combat new and thrilling. Known for its difficulty, Hollow Knight offers fair but rewarding challenges. Boss fights require skill and strategy, and revisiting areas with new abilities can lead to new discoveries. The narrative unfolds subtly, enticing players to piece together what’s happening through small hints. 

Hollow Knight combines gorgeous art, tough gameplay, and a deeply atmospheric world, and is 60% off in the Steam Summer Sale.

Don’t Starve

a young man and woman stand in the centre of the image bathed in light from the flame torches they both hold. the image is line drawn with dramatic shadowing.

A wonderfully styled game, Don’t Starve provides everything you could have wanted in a survival horror. With hand-drawn, gothic styling and well-devised mechanics, you’ll enjoy surviving in Don’t Starve’s unique world. You must gather resources, and craft tools, and manage their health, hunger, and sanity to survive as long as possible. Thankfully the game is infinitely replayable as death is permanent and frequent. As you progress you’ll unlock new characters with unique traits and abilities that can make your next attempt to survive easier, or harder if that’s what you want. 

From Klei, Don’t Starve will have you begging for more… Food that is, or maybe sanity. Either way, don’t let the Demon dogs get you before you get this game which is currently 75% off in the Steam Summer Sale.

Vampire Survivors

a pixel art image of lots of coloured beams of light with many pixel creatures swarm over a central pixel figure in the centre of the screen. the image is heavily saturated with colour and is very chaotic.

An exhilarating experience awaits in Vampire Survivor, with heart-pounding action and addictive gameplay, you’ll be hooked before you know it. Luckily for you, the level of replayability with this game is off the charts. With procedurally generated maps and a roster of unique and interesting characters with a range of supernatural abilities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Vampire Survivor’s vibrant, colourful pixel art world will keep you engaged for hours as you dart around enemies’ projectiles. With the inclusion of an upbeat retro-styled soundtrack, this game is a need for anyone who loves the old classics. 

With everything you could need from a top-down bullet hell game, there is no better time to get Vampire Survivor with 25% off in the Steam Summer Sale.


a very dark image with the words playdeadsinside in deep red on the right of the screen. on the left a young boy with no features stands and looks out a factory window on to the floor below to see a man leaving through the only lit door on the factory floor.

INSIDE can only be described as a visual masterpiece in the indie gaming space, with haunting visuals and well-defined puzzles, you don’t get better than this. With a minimalist style, the muted colours and dramatic shadows leave a lasting impact on the player. The isolated forest setting compared with a desolate industrial estate brings dramatic contracts to this unsettling journey. Solve puzzles and manipulate the world to your advantage to piece together what’s happened in this dystopian nightmare escape. 

The blend of haunting visuals, immersive gameplay, and enigmatic narrative creates an unforgettable experience. It’s a must-play for fans of indie games and those who appreciate games that push the boundaries of storytelling and emotional engagement. With the Steam summer sale on right now, you can purchase INSIDE with 90% off!

The Steam summer sales are on until July 11th so don’t delay! Find your new favourite Indie game or, simply add some wonderful additions to your Steam library while the offer is too good to miss. 

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