Echo is Heading to the M4 Upper Bracket Final Facing Blacklist International


After an intense set of matches, it looks like we’re going to see Echo face off against Blacklist International in the M4 Upper Bracket Final. This is sure to be an exciting matchup that no Mobile Legends gamers should miss out on!

Echo’s Path to the Upper Bracket Final

It was an impressive showing from Echo as they took down RRQ Hoshi 3-1. This was no easy task; RRQ has been one of the top teams in the tournament and was looking to make a strong push for first place. Despite their best efforts, however, it wasn’t enough against Echo’s aggressive playstyle and superb team coordination. With this win, Echo has secured themselves a spot in the upper bracket final and will be facing Blacklist International.

Blacklist International’s Journey So Far

On the other hand, Blacklist International had a rough route through their semifinal match against RRQ Hoshi. While RRQ put up quite a fight in Game 1 and Game 2, Blacklist was simply too strong for them and ended up reverse-sweeping them ending 3-2. With that win, Blacklist proved themselves as a top contender in this tournament and will be looking forward to facing off against Echo in what promises to be an epic battle for supremacy.

The Stage Is Set: Who Will Claim Victory?

It’s finally time for us to see who will emerge victorious from this highly anticipated showdown between two of the greatest teams in the M4 World Championship. Will it be Echo’s cheese strategy or Blacklist’s UBE Strategy? Whichever team comes out on top, we can guarantee that we are going to see a Philippine team in Grand Finals!

The M4 upper bracket final between Echo and Blacklist International is sure to be a thrilling battle full of surprises and awesome plays from both sides. Don’t miss your chance at witnessing this monumental clash – tune into the Blooing‘s Facebook page on January 13th, 8PM PST, so you don’t miss any of the action!

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