Baxia ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide


Baxia is a tanky Mystic Tortoise from the East of the Land of Dawn with high mobility, sustained damage, and strong debuffs.

He is the senior member of Oriental Fighters alongside Zilong, Ling, and Wanwan.

This article will teach you how to use Baxia MLBB, the best item build, battle spell, emblem, and strategy in this current patch.

How to use Baxia ML Skills


Passive: Baxia Mark

Baxia debuffs the enemy’s final damage by 25 permanently. He also reduces the enemy’s shield and HP regen for every skill hit by 30% for 4 seconds.

First Skill: Shield Unity

Baxia retracts himself and rolls forward for nine seconds. He will deal magic damage when he bumps into an enemy and stuns them for 0.8 and a little knockback.

Second Skill: Shield of Spirit

Baxia hurls his shield dealing magic damage and slowing them down by 50% for 1 second.

Ultimate: Tortoise’s Puissance

Baxia positions his shield in front of him, speeding him up. He also forges a lava path dealing continuous magic damage to enemies. The Baxia Mark will be boosted as well during this form.

Best Baxia ML Build 2024

Tank build is the best item build for Baxia.

Tank Build

  • Tough Boots
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Radiant Armor
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality

Spare Equipment:

  • Athena’s Shield
  • Dominance Ice
baxia ml best item build

Best Emblem for Baxia

Tank Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Tank Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Firmness – it will increase your Physical DEF by 12.

+ 3 points on Purity – it will increase your Magical DEF by 8%.

Choose Brave Smite for your Talent.

Jungle Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Jungle Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Balance – it will increase your Hybrid Lifesteal by 5%.

+ 3 points on Iron – it will increase your Damage Reduction from Monsters by 21%.

Choose Demon Slayer for your Talent.

Best Battle Spell for Baxia


Use Retribution to take buffs, turtle, and lord quickly.


Use Petrify if you want additional stun set up for an enemy.

Baxia Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Tank Tips

  • Annoy the enemy core while taking buffs or jungle.
  • Give your core solo XP as much as possible, but never leave them. You can do this by staying a little bit further from them.
  • Visit your marksman from time to time.
  • Always be active in clashes.
  • Check bushes, roam consistently, and secure the map to keep your cores from getting ambushed.
  • Never leave your vulnerable cores. Protect them always.
  • Jump on the enemy’s damage dealer in a clash to debuff their regen effect and damage.

Jungler Tips

  • Quickly roll to get the blue buff when the game starts. After taking the buff, clear the remaining jungle camps.
  • Secure a kill before the turtle spawns.
  • Rotate as much as possible in different lanes.
  • When you already have two to three core items, always get involved in a clash.
  • Maximise the usage of Retribution, especially when killing turtle and lord.


Baxia is a flexible hero that can be both a tank and a fighter. With his passive skill that reduces the damage amount and the enemy’s regen effect, he is undoubtedly a beast in pressuring enemies and lanes.

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