How to use Valir ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

Everything engulfed in flames.

Valir, the Burst Mage, is the fiery son of the Gord of the Magic Academy. He wields explosive arcane flames, specializing in long-range poke, burst damage, and crowd control. Valir is relatively easy to learn, especially for new mage players. His skills have a good range and AOE, making them fairly forgiving to aim. Valir’s greatest strength is his ability to control the battlefield by pushing enemies back and dealing devastating damage from afar.

Valir Skills

Valir Mobile Legends skill list: Ashing, Burst Fireball, Searing Torrent, Vengeance Flame

Passive: Ashing

Valir’s abilities apply stacks of “Ablaze” to enemies. At 3 stacks, the mark detonates, dealing magic damage and stunning the target. This stun is crucial for setting up kills.

First Skill: Burst Fireball

Valir fires a fireball that explodes on impact or reaching its destination. This is his main poke tool and wave clearing ability.

Hitting an enemy hero or legend creep with Burst Fireball instantly grants another charge.

Second Skill: Searing Torrent

Valir blasts a cone of flame forward, pushing back enemies and applying an Ablaze stack. This is his main defensive and crowd-control skill.

Ultimate: Vengeance Flame

Valir removes all crowd control effects on himself, casts a ring of flame, and gains enhanced skills. His Burst Fireball gains increased range, and Searing Torrent deals more damage in a larger area.

Valir emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Agility, Festival Blood, Impure Rage

This emblem build offers a well-rounded approach for Valir. It boosts his survivability, mobility, and resource management – all of which are essential for consistently maximizing his poke and burst mage potential.

Custom Mage Emblem

  • Agility: The movement speed increase is crucial for Valir. It helps him reposition quickly to avoid ganks, maintain his distance for optimal poking, and chase down fleeing targets for kills.
  • Festival of Blood: Valir benefits significantly from spell vamp. This talent provides him with valuable sustain, allowing him to recover health while dishing out damage with his skills.
  • Impure Rage: This is where Valir’s mana management becomes more efficient. Impure Rage restores some mana upon damaging enemies with skills, ensuring he can consistently poke and burst without needing to rely solely on blue buff or recall.

Item Build

Best Valir item build Mobile Legends: Demon Boots, Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, Concentrated Energy, Necklace of Endurance, Divine Glaive

This Valir build prioritizes poking, sustaining, and countering enemy healing. It starts with Demon Boots and Ice Queen Wand for mana regeneration, movement speed, and early poke potential. Glowing Wand increases his magic damage and adds a burn effect to continuously whittle down enemies. Concentrated Energy grants crucial spell vamp for survivability, while Necklace of Durance counters enemy healing. Finally, Divine Glaive ensures Valir’s spells still hurt tanks and enemies who build magic defence. This build provides the tools for Valir to spam skills, wear down enemies with constant pokes, and remain alive in the midst of battle.

The best item build for Valir in Mobile Legends

  • Demon Boots
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Glowing Wand
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Necklace of Endurance
  • Divine Glaive

Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

Mid Lane

In the mid lane, Valir excels at pressuring his lane opponent and clearing waves efficiently. Prioritize levelling your first skill (Burst Fireball) for constant poke damage and fast lane clearing. Use Searing Torrent for a well-timed knockback if the enemy tries to engage. Remember, landing three stacks of your “Ablaze” passive on a target stuns them, setting up combo opportunities or making them vulnerable to ganks. As the game progresses, look for openings to rotate to side lanes for ganks, invade the enemy jungle with your team, and position safely in team fights to disrupt and poke enemies while protecting your allies. In the late game, focus on controlling objectives and zoning enemies to limit their movement, and look to isolate key targets with stuns and burst combos for decisive victories.


When playing Valir as a support, focus heavily on zoning and disrupting the enemy team. Prioritize leveling your first skill (Burst Fireball) for constant poke and harassment, denying enemies access to the minion wave. Use your Searing Torrent to protect your carry, pushing back aggressive enemies with its knockback effect. Check bushes frequently for surprise stuns and set up ganks with your jungler. As you transition into the mid and late game, utilize your skills to zone key areas, maintain vision control with wards, and peel for your backline carries with well-timed knockbacks and stuns.

Battle Spell

Mobile Legends Flameshot icon, recommended battle spell for Valir

Flameshot is the ideal battle spell for Valir because it greatly enhances his poke-heavy playstyle. The long-range projectile lets him harass enemies from a safe distance and then quickly reposition himself to avoid retaliation.

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